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Live Calci Worms

Live Calci Worms
Hermetia illucens

These are a calcium rich food source for a wide variety of exotic pets. Perfect for feeding both in its larvae form and as adult flies if left to pupate into a black soldier fly. Also known as Soldier Grubs and Phoenix Worms.

Live Calci Worms - Large (Pre-pack) Approx 100 larvae
On Site (1-4 working days)
Large (Pre-pack) Approx 100 larvae
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What do Calci Worms look like?

Calci Worms are a cream-brown coloured larvae, they will reach a length of up to 25mm before beginning to darken and pupate. They will emerge as adult Black Soldier Flies after around 1-2 weeks. The adults are a ‘mimic fly’ which closely resembles a type of wasp. They have large wings and a loud ‘buzz’ when flying, a large head with enhanced antennae, segmented waist and dark black colouring - it is easy to forget they are a harmless fly!

Where are Calci Worms from?

This species is found in Neotropical areas across the globe. 

Our Calci Worms are bred in a modern, ethical facility in the UK, reared on high end food - meaning that they arrive to you fresh and in excellent health as standard.

How to care for Calci Worms

On arrival, your Calci Worms may appear immobile if temperatures are low but will soon become active when warm again. They will be delivered in ventilated pre-pack tubs containing a coir mix to keep the humidity levels perfect. 

Calci Worms will pupate more slowly at lower temperatures and are best stored at temperatures between 12-20°C. If you would like to hatch them out into flies, keeping them warmer will accelerate this process.

For those requiring large numbers of worms or want flies to hatch consistently, we recommend buying several tubs over the course of a few weeks. By staggering tubs created at different times, you will have a constant supply to - ideal for keepers of dart frogs and those keeping large numbers of mantids.

You will not need to feed the worms as they are towards the pupal stage of their development, just lightly mist the tub with water to keep the soil slightly damp.

The benefits of using Calci Worms

Calci Worms are naturally low in fat and high in Calcium - containing up to 61 times more calcium than other feeder insects! They are ideal for combatting the effects of MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease) and also provide a boost to gravid or post lay females. They are naturally wriggly, meaning even the most stubborn of feeders will show interest in these nutritious worms. If left to hatch, the flies provide nutrients for a number of species, from arboreal chameleons and mantids to bearded dragons - species which eat a large number of flying insects in their natural habitat and chasing flies provides exercise and enrichment.

 Calci Worms are best used as part of a varied diet, as with any livefood, variety is the key to providing a well balanced, nutritious diet. The addition of calcium and vitamins is recommended to further enhance the nutritional content of these worms.

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