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Arcadia Feeding Kit Accessories

Arcadia Feeding Kit Accessories
For feeding gecko diets

The Arcadia Feeding Ledges and Mixing Kit are ideal for keepers who regularly feed gecko diets (meal replacement powders) to their geckos.

Arcadia Feeding Kit Accessories - Single Feeding Ledge
On Site (1-4 working days)
Single Feeding Ledge
Earn 31 PetPoints

Arcadia Feeding Kit Accessories - Mixing Kit
On Site (1-4 working days)
Mixing Kit
Earn 35 PetPoints

Arcadia Feeding Kit Accessories - Double Feeding Ledge
On Site (1-4 working days)
Double Feeding Ledge
Earn 39 PetPoints

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Product Information

The Arcadia Feeding Kit Accessories are perfect for keepers of crested geckosgargoyle geckosday geckos and other species.

The cups that fit into the ledges are of a good size and are ideal for feeding gecko diets (meal replacement powders). The single ledge is more suited to smaller enclosures. The double ledge can be used in larger terrariums with multiple animals, or when offering different diets in each cup, alternatively one cup can be used as an arboreal water bowl. These cups can be removed and cleaned easily. Each ledge contains suction cups for arboreal mounting.

The mixing kit allows for larger quantities of gecko diet to be made into the squeezy bottle with the enclosed mixing spoon. This is perfect for keepers with larger collections of animals; we have found it to be a fantastic time saver.  Bottle can be refrigerated when not in use, cutting down wasted food. The mixing kit contains several spare cups.

  • Ledges can be mounted arboreally with enclosed suction cups
  • Single or double ledges available with feeding cups
  • Mixing kit includes bottle, mixing spoon, and spare feeding cups
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