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Live Small Earthworms

Live Small Earthworms
Dendrobaena sp.

Earthworms are a great source of food for our reptiles, amphibians, avian pets, poultry and fish. People also often feed these to wild birds, especially during the nesting season. They are full of protein and are easy to store.

Live Small Earthworms - Small Worms (Pre-pack) Approx 25 per tub
On Site (1-4 working days)
Small Worms (Pre-pack) Approx 25 per tub
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What do Small Earthworms look like?

These are a small to medium sized worm, they are a dark pink-red colour with a banded or striped appearance. 

Where are Small Earthworms from?

This species has a cosmopolitan distribution and is found across the globe. 

Our Small Earthworms are bred in a modern, ethical facility in the UK, reared on high end food - meaning that they arrive to you fresh and in excellent health as standard.

How to care for Small Earthworms

On arrival, your Small Earthworms may appear immobile if temperatures are low but will soon become active when warm again. They will be delivered in specialist pre-pack tubs containing soil to keep the humidity levels perfect and the worms as fresh as possible. 

You should not need to feed the worms, but if you plan on keeping them for some time, then vegetable peelings work perfectly. We recommend that you lightly mist the tub with water to keep the soil slightly damp.

The benefits of using Small Earthworms

Because earthworms are light sensitive they will wriggle around like mad when placed into the enclosure - making them appealing to even the most picky of feeders! They are also useful for feeding to Garter Snakes and even Western Hognose Snakes, especially if they are being fussy at feeding time.

These are an excellent food source for various species, particularly enjoyed by Axolotls and other amphibians. They are also readily enjoyed by many species of arachnids, mammals such as meerkats, fish, chickens and many species of wild birds. Small Earthworms are popular with anglers as they can be used widely as fishing bait. 

Small Earthworms are naturally high in moisture, protein and amino acids and low in fat; making them a succulent treat for all species. They can be added to bioactive enclosures to aerate the soil and naturally fertilise plants and also provide exercise and enrichment for vivarium inhabitants..

Small Earthworms are best used as part of a varied diet, as with any livefood, variety is the key to providing a well balanced, nutritious diet. The addition of calcium and vitamins is recommended to further enhance the nutritional content of these worms.

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