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Pangea Fruit Mix Complete

Pangea Fruit Mix Complete
Complete formula

Suitable for many fruit eating species of gecko including, Correlophus, Rhacodactylus and Phelsuma. Helps provide a balanced diet without the necessity of offering feeder insects.

  • Produced after years of development and testing
  • Made with real fruits
  • Mix with water to achieve desired consistency
  • Tested by a PHD in animal nutrition
  • Long shelf life

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What are Pangea Fruit Mix Complete diets used for?

These diets have a higher fat and protein content. They are perfect for geckos that won’t or don’t eat many insects. The vitamin and mineral content are of high quality and produce excellent growth, reproduction and egg quality. These formulas are universally accepted by fruit eating gecko’s and are a favourite amongst Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, and Leachianus. Also tested on Day Geckos and Mourning Geckos with great results.  

Additional information

Ingredients include, dried fruits, whey protein isolate, egg white, bee pollen, spirulina, probiotics, and more. All ingredients are selected to contain very low levels of anti-nutrients, like oxalates and phytates. No seeds, nuts, seed meal, cereal grains or high oxalate fruits or vegetables are contained in these formulas. 

All formulas are developed and tested at Pangea; who have one of the largest collections of geckos in the United States.  They also hire a PhD in animal nutrition to make sure they’ve got it right!

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