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Dubia Cockroaches

Dubia Cockroaches
Blaptica dubia

A brillant alternative livefood for animals such as Bearded Dragons, terrestrial geckos and monitor lizards.

Dubia Cockroaches - Large (Pre-pack)
Off Site (may take 1 extra working day)
Large (Pre-pack)
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Dubia Cockroaches - Medium (Pre-pack)
On Site (1-4 working days)
Medium (Pre-pack)
Earn 2 PetPoints

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Dubia Cockroaches - Adult (Pre-pack)
Off Site (may take 1 extra working day)
Adult (Pre-pack)
Earn 2 PetPoints

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Pre-packApprox SizeApprox Contents
Large 20-25mm 10
Adult 35-40mm  

Dubia cockroaches are also known as feeder roaches and are quickly becoming a very popular livefood for a wide range of reptiles. They are non-infesting in nature, possess excellent nutritional qualities and are easy to care for with a long shelf life. Feeder roaches are supplied in a variety of sizes to suit different sized animals.

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