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Zoo Med Floating Turtle Feeder

Zoo Med Floating Turtle Feeder
For feeding pellets

Provides mental stimulation for turtles by promoting natural foraging behaviour.

  • Floating fish shaped feeder releases turtle food pellets when bumped
  • Enjoy watching your turtles forage for food just as they do in nature
  • Better than dumping food directly into the water

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Product Information

Zoo Med's Floating Turtle Feeder provides a revolutionary new way to feed your pet turtle. No longer do you have to simply dump their food into the water. In nature, turtles forage for food and often use their front legs to help get their food. The Floating Turtle Feeder is translucent orange, allowing them to see the food pellets inside. The air cavity inside causes the fish to float upright until its bumped by the turtle. Pellets are released when the fish is bumped, providing enrichment and exercise for your pet turtle! 

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