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Pangea Fruit Mix

Pangea Fruit Mix
Dietary supplement

This formula should be used to supply the fruit eating portion of a gecko's diet and when live food is still being offered.

  • Produced after years of development and testing
  • Made with real fruits
  • Mix with water to achieve desired consistency
  • Tested by a PHD in animal nutrition
  • Long shelf life

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What are Pangea Fruit Mix diets used for?

Pangea Fruit Mix Gecko Treat is a low protein version of our complete diets. It can be fed as the fruit portion of your gecko's diet along with at least one or two insect feedings per week or as a mix in to get picky geckos to eat the complete diets.

Additional information

This food is packed full of calcium, vitamins, trace elements and other vital nutrients necessary for healthy geckos and great egg production! It is a delicious mix of Organic Bananas and Papayas that your geckos will love. A varied diet is very beneficial for any animal, and the PFM is a great way to give them the variety they crave without sacrificing nutrition. PFM is the result of over 5 years of development and testing culminating in a food that has ideal levels of calcium for strong bones and egg laying, as well as the proper nutrients to keep your geckos healthy! PFM was designed to be fed as part of a complete diet rotation plan that includes insects once or twice a week.

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