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Live Fruit Beetle Grubs

Live Fruit Beetle Grubs
Pachnoda sp.

These are big and juicy grubs, relished by many species as a treat. If left to pupate, they hatch as pretty red and yellow Sun Beetles which make brilliant pets!

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What do Fruit Beetle Grubs look like?

Fruit Beetle Grubs are a cream-white coloured heavy bodied larvae. They will reach a length of up to 60mm before creating a hollow ‘ball’ shaped cocoon using soil in which to pupate. They will emerge as adult Sun Beetles after several weeks. The adults are colourful beetles, with a base colour of yellow and deep red-brown spots, which are 20-30mm in length. 

Where are Fruit Beetle Grubs from?

This species is found in central and west Africa.

Our Fruit Beetle Grubs are bred in a modern, ethical facility in the UK, reared on high end food - meaning that they arrive to you fresh and in excellent health as standard.

How to care for Fruit Beetle Grubs

On arrival, your Fruit Beetle Grubs may appear immobile if temperatures are low but will soon become active when warm again. They will be delivered in ventilated pre-pack tubs containing a soil mix to keep the humidity levels perfect. 

Fruit Beetle Grubs will pupate more slowly at lower temperatures and are best stored at temperatures between 12-20°C. If you would like to hatch them out into beetles, keeping them warmer will accelerate this process.

If using as feeders, it is not necessary to feed the grubs as they are towards the pupal stage of their development. If you intend on keeping these as pets, we recommend moving these into a larger tank with a deep soil based substrate add some cork bark, leaf litter, banana or other fruits, Jelly Pots and they will readily eat before pupating. Lightly misting the tub with water to keep the soil slightly damp.

The benefits of using Fruit Beetle Grubs

Fruit Beetle Grubs are naturally high in fat and Protein, making them a delicious treat for many larger species of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. They can be useful for  providing a boost to gravid or post lay females. They are naturally wriggly, meaning even the most stubborn of feeders will show interest in these large grubs. If left to hatch, the beetles make wonderful pets, they are brightly coloured, friendly, active and easy to care for; making them great for teaching children about life cycles.

Fruit Beetle Grubs are best used as part of a varied diet, as with any livefood, variety is the key to providing a well balanced, nutritious diet. The addition of calcium and vitamins is recommended to further enhance the nutritional content of these grubs.

Please note: Photo of the beetle is for illustrative purposes only. Only live larvae will be supplied.

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