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Live and Dried Moss for sale

Moss retains water, naturally increasing your enclosures humidity level and is most suited to species of amphibian or tropical reptiles.

Exo Terra Forest Moss
Exo Terra Forest MossDried mossPrices from£6.63
Exo Terra Forest Moss is real compressed moss grown in tropical Asia. This ecological substrate is ideal for increasing humidity in the terrarium and is totally safe for frogs, salamanders and burrowing or digging animals.
Lucky Reptile Dry Vivarium Moss
Lucky Reptile Dry Vivarium MossDried mossPrices from£10.09
Lucky Reptile Vivarium Moss is perfect for decorating your vivarium and creating places inside your vivarium with high humidity.
Lucky Reptile Spaghnum Moss Brick
Lucky Reptile Spaghnum Moss BrickDried mossPrices from£7.19
Compressed dried moss brick that swells when water is added. Perfect for tropical loving reptiles and amphibians.
ProRep Live Moss
ProRep Live MossLive sphagnum mossPrices from£4.23
The ProRep Live Moss will help keep humidity levels within terrariums and can be used as a nesting substrate.
Zoo Med All Natural Frog Moss
Zoo Med All Natural Frog MossDried mossPrices from£7.43
Completely natural frog moss for use with frogs, toads, salamanders, garter or green snakes and all other moss environment species.
Zoo Med All Natural New Zealand Moss
Zoo Med All Natural New Zealand MossDried mossPrices from£7.43
New Zealand Sphagnum Moss is preferred over any other type of moss for terrarium use due to its unique softness and amazing moisture-holding ability.
Zoo Med Terrarium Moss
Zoo Med Terrarium MossDried mossPrices from£5.19
Terrarium Moss completely natural (no dyes or chemicals!) sphagnum moss cage substrate for amphibians and wetland environment reptiles.

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