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Desert Substrates for sale

We stock a range of different sand, clay and bio-active substrates for your vivarium.

Exo Terra Sand Mat
Exo Terra Sand MatDesert terrarium matPrices from£6.15
The Exo Terra Sand Mat has a natural desert appearance and can be applied as a safe and hygienic substrate substitute for your desert reptiles.
Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding
Lucky Reptile Desert BeddingIdeal for savannah enclosuresPrices from£9.89
The Lucky Reptile Desert Bedding has been designed to resemble desert and savannah areas within your reptile’s natural habitat.
ProRep Beardie Life
ProRep Beardie LifeBearded Dragon substratePrices from£11.19
ProRep Beardie Life is part of the species specific life series of substrates and has been designed to meet the needs of Bearded Dragons and other desert species.
ProRep Bio Life Desert
ProRep Bio Life DesertBio active substratePrices from£10.39
Bio active substrates are designed to allow the maintenance of living ecosystems inside the terrarium.
ProRep Corn Cob
ProRep Corn CobDesert substratePrices from£5.19
Natural and dust free, ProRep Corn Cob substrate can be used with many reptiles that originate from arid habitats.
ProRep Desert Sand
ProRep Desert SandDesert substratePrices from£3.19
The ProRep Desert Sand is suitable for achieving a desert enclosure and allowing natural behavior of digging.
ProRep Ground Walnut
ProRep Ground WalnutDesert substratePrices from£9.83
ProRep Ground Walnut is made from the shells of walnuts to make a free flowing substrate used as a sand or grit.
ProRep Leo Life
ProRep Leo LifeBio active desert substratePrices from£11.19
ProRep Leo Life is part of the species specific life series of substrates and has been designed to meet the needs of Leopard Geckos and other desert species.
Zoo Med Cavern Kit
Zoo Med Cavern KitClay substratePrices from£15.19
The Zoo Med Cavern Kit allows tunnels and burrows to be made within the clay substrate.
Zoo Med Excavator Clay Burrowing Substrate
Zoo Med Excavator Clay Burrowing SubstrateClay substratePrices from£11.19
This substrate is different from most of the sand based alternatives. It allows your reptiles to dig tunnels and burrows just like they do in nature.

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