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Fibre Substrates for sale

Fibre substrates include popular products such as aspen, hemp and lignocel bedding. Most are light, easy to clean, and ideal for many species of snake.

Exo Terra Snake Bedding
Exo Terra Snake BeddingFibre substratesPrices from£3.35
Aspen has been the substrate of choice for snake keepers for years, a biodegradable product sourced from sustainable forests.
Exotic Pets Aspen Bedding
Exotic Pets Aspen BeddingFor snakes and small mammalsPrices from£2.79
Aspen Bedding is a natural, biodegradable and sustainable substrate. The wood particles are produced by shredding and heat treating fast growing aspen trees. Ideal for species that nest or burrow.
Exotic Pets Lignocel Bedding
Exotic Pets Lignocel BeddingFor snakes and small mammalsPrices from£3.19
Lignocel bedding is a direct alternative to aspen and ideal for animals that prefer drier environments. Produced from wood sourced from sustainable forests, heat treated and then shredded. Ideal for species that nest or burrow.
Exotic Pets Straw Bedding
Exotic Pets Straw BeddingFor tortoises from arid environments Prices from£3.39
A natural, biodegradable and sustainable substrate that is particularly suited to tortoises from drier environments. Can also be used for larger snakes and lizards. Low risk of impaction if eaten.
ProRep Aspen Bedding
ProRep Aspen BeddingSnake BeddingPrices from£3.19
A biodegradable reptile substrate made from non-toxic shredded wood. Ideal for both breeders and professional reptile keepers.
ProRep Hemp Bedding
ProRep Hemp BeddingSnake and tortoise beddingPrices from£4.79
A great alternative to aspen and lignocel bedding and ideal for many species of tortoise and snakes.
ProRep Snake Life Lignocel Substrate
ProRep Snake Life Lignocel SubstrateSnake BeddingPrices from£5.99
Perfect for snakes that do not require high humidity environments and similar to the popular Aspen bedding but with a very low dust content.
ProRep Straw Bedding
ProRep Straw BeddingCompressed straw beddingPrices from£3.99
ProRep Straw Bedding is a safe and natural substrate for many tortoise species and large lizards.
Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding
Zoo Med Aspen Snake BeddingSnake beddingPrices from£3.43
The most commonly used substrate among snake keepers and made from renewable resources.
Zoo Med Forest Floor Bedding
Zoo Med Forest Floor BeddingNatural substratesPrices from£5.43
Zoo Med Forest Floor is a natural cypress mulch substrate. It provides your terrarium with a natural forest floor look while retaining moisture to provide humidity to the enclosure.