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Peats and Soils for sale

Peats are soils are ideal for species of amphibians, inverts and some species of reptiles that need a little more moisture in the substrate.

Arcadia EarthPro Bio-Revitaliser
Arcadia EarthPro Bio-RevitaliserOrganic fertiliser for bio-active substratesPrices from£7.50
Arcadia EarthPro Bio-Revitaliser is an easy to use and very potent Bio-Active system feed, it can be thought of as an organic fertiliser.
ProRep Bio Life Forest
ProRep Bio Life ForestBio active substratePrices from£12.95
The Bio Life Forest substrate has been designed to allow the maintenance of living ecosystems inside the terrarium and allow plant growth.
ProRep Coco Bedding
ProRep Coco BeddingLoose coco substratePrices from£8.65
The ProRep Coco Bedding is suitable for species that require a humid enclosure like amphibians and inverts.
ProRep Coco Brick
ProRep Coco Brick2 sizes availablePrices from£3.00
An expandable moisture retaining substrate for many species of reptile, amphibian and invertebrate.
ProRep Coco Chip
ProRep Coco ChipCompressed brickPrices from£2.95
ProRep Coco Chip can be used with a variety of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.
ProRep Crestie Life
ProRep Crestie LifeForest SubstratePrices from£10.50
ProRep Crestie Life is part of the species specific "life" series of substrates and has been designed to meet the needs of arboreal species that require high humidity.
ProRep Spider Life
ProRep Spider LifeSubstrate for InvertsPrices from£3.55
The ProRep Spider Life is a mixture of ingredients to help encourage burrowing and retain moisture.
Zoo Med Eco Earth
Zoo Med Eco EarthCompressed natural substratePrices from£3.75
Eco Earth is a compressed coconut fibre that is ideal for burrowing animals. It can be used to increase humidity in an enclosure. Each Eco Earth brick makes 7-8 litres of substrate.
Zoo Med Eco Earth (Loose)
Zoo Med Eco Earth (Loose) Loose natural substratePrices from£9.50
Direct alternative to compressed bricks of Eco Earth. This substrate is a by-product of coconuts.

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