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Cuban Tree Frog

Cuban Tree Frog
Osteopilus septentrionalis

Cuban Tree Frogs are the largest tree frog in North America, reaching an adult size of 15cm (6 inches). They adapt very well to captive life and make great beginners Tree Frogs!

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(WC) 5-7cm Sub/Adult
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What does a Cuban Tree Frog look like?

Cuban Tree Frogs are the largest species of Tree Frog found in North America. Females reach an adult size of 15cm (6 inches) the males are generally smaller reaching no more than 10cm (4 inches). They vary in colour from brown, grey to yellow-green, basically they blend into their environment. Many have marbled or striped patterning, some can show small spots, which after a few days may fade and disappear. They have large eyes for hunting and sticky toe pads for climbing.

Where are Cuban Tree Frogs from?

Cuban Tree Frogs are native to Cuba, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands. They have been introduced into North America. In Florida they are now classed as a pest as this species grows large and easily adapts to their surrounds. They are having a big impact on the native amphibians.

During the day they are perched in trees sleeping and search for food during the safety of the night. Cuban Tree Frogs are very noisy and sound like dogs barking. They do this at odd times during the night, like 3am, so if you are thinking about having one or two, take this into account.

How do you keep Cuban Tree Frogs?

Ideally, you need to house your Cuban Tree Frog in a tall glass tank, taller the better. If you are finding it hard to purchase one, a large long fish tank will be just as good. Provide a soil substrate, we like use earth blocks (these expand once placed in water) with live sphagnum moss over most of the soil. Branches, artificial or real plants should be placed throughout the enclosure with some hiding places during the day.

Provide a daytime temperature between 26-31C (78-88F) and a drop down to no lower than 18C (65F) during the night. Cuban Tree Frogs are very tolerant of temperature changes, this is why they make such good beginner frogs! The humidity should be high ranging from 70 - 90%. Spray once a day with treated water or twice if you have plenty of ventilation.

Feeding Cuban Tree Frogs isn’t hard at all, as they will eat pretty much anything that moves. Vary their diet with crickets, locusts, wax worms, moths, flies silkworms, earthworms and anything else you think they may enjoy. In the wild, they wouldn’t turn their nose up to small lizard, frogs or other Cuban Tree Frogs! I’m sure they will take pinkies, but we haven’t tried this yet, so if they do, only give them as treats otherwise you could have a one fat frog!

You should also provide them with a shallow, but large dish of treated water every day. They will often bathe in this during the night and also use this as a toilet, like most frogs do!

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