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Yellow Bellied Toad

Yellow Bellied Toad
Bombina variegata

The Yellow Bellied Toad grows to an adult size of 1-2 inches. They are a small, plump toad with a dark warty back and a yellow to orange belly.

OriginCentral and Southern Europe
EnvironmentPonds, Swamps, Lakes
Adult Size1-2 Inches
Life Span5 Years+

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What does a Yellow Bellied Toad look like?

The Yellow Bellied Toad is a small species, reaching an adult size of 3 to 4.5cm (1 to 2 inch). Their body is dark grey to olive-green and covered in small warts. The belly and underside of their limbs are yellow to light orange. Toadlets initially have a blotchy grey and cream belly, the yellow pigment follows as they mature. When the toads feel threatened, they turn on to their backs and took in the limbs to expose the yellow colouration. This is a warning to predators that they don't taste nice.

Where are Yellow Bellied Toads from?

Yellow Bellied Toads inhabits Central and Southern Europe except for the southwestern part. Living close to water, this can be in the form of ponds, pools, swamps, lakes and springs. They live mainly in foothills, mountains with mixed forests, bushlands, meadows and grasslands.

How do you keep Yellow Bellied Toads?

There are a number of ways to keep Yellow Bellied Toads; land with a large water bowl or semi-aquatic which is half land and half water. The Lucky Reptile Amphibian Starter Kit makes keeping Yellow Bellied Toads very easy as all the equipment is included. You can happily keep four adult toads in this size enclosure.

The water temperature should be maintained at 22-26C (72-78F) and the air temperature 23-29.5C (74-85F). Provide a soil and moss substrate and place logs, caves and plants for hiding and climbing. Feed a range of insects and ensure you dust with calcium and a vitamin suppliement. When changing or topping up the water, make sure this has been treated to remove all harmful chemicals, alternatively, use bottled water or fresh clean rainwater.

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