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Borneo Eared Tree Frog

Borneo Eared Tree Frog
Polypedates otilophus

A medium to large sized frog reaching lengths of up to 9.5cm with a triangular shaped head. General dorsal colouration is brown to yellow along with cream to white ventrally. Numerous thin black stripes run down the back from the head.

OriginIndonesia and Malaysia
Adult Size6-10cm
LifespanUp to 10 years

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What does the Borneo Eared Tree Frog look like?

The Borneo Eared Tree Frog has acquired its name due to the bony ridge behind the eye and above the tympanum (eardrum), giving it an ear like appearance. Their head is triangular shaped with a protruding, sharp point at the angle of the jaw. A small pointed projection is present on the elbow and heel. The skin is generally smooth and can vary in colour from a light brown or grey to yellowish brown. Dark stripes run from the head down the back with intermittent lines and dots on the legs and side of the body.

Adult size of the Borneo Eared Tree Frog depends on its gender. Females are larger and bulky in appearance compared to males which are slender and measure 6-8cm (2.5-3 inch), females are 8-10cm (3-4 inch).

Where is the Borneo Eared Tree Frog from?

Borneo Eared Tree Frogs are known from Kalimantan, Sabah, and Sarawak; they also occur on Sumatra. They inhabit secondary growth forests on the edge of primary forests. They are also found close to man from logging areas, tree plantations and villages.

How do you keep Borneo Eared Tree Frogs?

Borneo Eared Tree Frogs are readily bred in captivity, making the young very easy and hardy to keep. Housing is typical of a tree frog species being height it more important than floor space. Young frogs can be housed in a 30x30x45cm tall Glass Terrarium, the enclosure size will need to be increased to a 45x45x60cm for adults.

Canopy tops are available which help provide a low wattage UVB light and Jungle Dawn lights can be used if growing live plants. Zoo Med Mini Deep Domes or Nano Deep Domes can be used to provide the correct air temperature. Thermostats are always recommended when using any type of basking/heat bulb, this will prevent accidental overheating. The daytime temperatures average at 30-32C (86-89.6F) in their habitat and drop to a night time temperature of 24-28C (75.2-82.4F).

The Glass Terrarium should be furnished with several branches and plants to give the frogs cover. The bio-active enclosure is the way forward, allowing live plants to grow within the Terrarium giving your Tree Frogs a more natural environment. Provide a water area in the form of a water bowl or waterfall. Never use tap water as chlorine will harm and possibly kill your Frogs, always use bottled water or de-chlorinated water. Daily spraying is also recommended to help keep humidity levels to around 80%.

Borneo Eared Tree Frogs will eat a variety of insects from flies, moths, locust and crickets. The food should be dusted with a calcium supplement on every feed except one where a multi vitamin and mineral should be used such as Vetark Nutrobal. Younger frogs will eat more and should be fed as much as they will eat in one sitting each day, whereas, adults should be fed every two days.

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