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African Bullfrog

African Bullfrog
Pyxicephalus adspersus

The African Bullfrog is one of the biggest frogs in the world, they are large and robust with weights recorded up to one kilogram!

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What do African bullfrogs look like?

African bullfrogs frogs are very large and robust with its weight recorded at 1.075kg. The male may grow up to 230mm long with a 90mm wide jaw. The female is smaller than the male. The back has distinct longitudinal skin folds. Colouration is variable, mostly with brown or dark green background but a bright green component is usually present. The side of the body around the arm and throat is often deep yellow especially in breeding males. Juveniles are bright green with a yellow vertebral stripe.

Where do African bullfrogs come from?

These large bullfrogs are widely distributed in drier savannas , reaching north eastern coast plains. It is found wherever large pans fill with water during rains.  They are native to    Angola; Botswana; Kenya; Malawi; Mozambique; Namibia; South Africa; Tanzania; Zambia; Zimbabwe.

How do you keep African bullfrogs?

A tank with a floor space of 24x18" would be sufficient for a single adult female, or a floor space of 36x18" for a larger male. They require a dry savannah set-up with a deep substrate of sandy soil mixture deep enough to allow them to burrow. Areas for hiding can be arranged such as pieces of flat cork bark. A large shallow water bowl must be provided with clean de-chlorinated water. The ideal daytime temperatures should range from  23-28°C with a drop at night to 20-22°C this can be done with a low wattage  bulb or a heat-mat positioned on the side of the enclosure controlled by a thermostat. A light source can be provided by a fluorescent tube.

Juvenile bullfrogs should be fed daily with a mixture of suitably sized insects including crickets, locusts and waxworms. The food items should be dusted with a calcium/vitamin mix two-three times a week. Adult bullfrogs should be fed every two-three days with a mixture of large adult locusts, cockroaches, super giant mealworm, and occasionally suitably sized rodents. The food items should be dusted with a calcium and vitamin supplement every other feed.

These frogs should be sprayed once a day with de-chlorinated water and the water bowl should be cleaned everyday to prevent the build-up of ammonia. 

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