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Grey Tree Frog

Grey Tree Frog
Hyla versicolor

The Grey Tree Frog is a suitable beginner species due to their tolerance of variable temperatures. They are small in size and easy to keep and maintain.

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What does the Grey Tree Frog?

The Grey Tree Frog is a small arboreal species reaching an adult size of 3-5cm (1-2 inches). As newly morphed frogs, they are bright green in colour for a few days, however as they start to grow they become grey in colour with a mottled effect along the back. They are capable of changing colour to blend into their background, this can be from one extreme to another; nearly black to white! Typically they will be different shades of grey with some green and a mottled pattern.

Two very distinctive characters of the Grey Tree Frog is: bright orange to yellow colour on the inside of the hind legs and a cream spot present under the eyes. This is one sure way to confirm you have a Grey Tree Frog. The skin of the Grey Tree Frog seems warty whereas other Tree Frogs that have smooth skin. Males will also have a grey or dark throat, females lack this as they have no vocal sack.

Where are Grey Tree Frogs from?

Grey Tree Frogs inhabit a large area of American from the eastern half of the United States, as far west as central Texas and Oklahoma, they can also be found in Canada the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba, with an isolated population in New Brunswick. They prefer to stay high up in foliage or basking on tree trunks.

How do you keep Grey Tree Frogs?

Keep Grey Tree Frogs in a tall glass tank; a small group of six would do best in a 45x45x60cm, babies in something smaller until they reach a larger size. Use a canopy top with a low compact UVB light and a daytime lamp. This species likes to bask and can tolerate high temperatures of up to 30C (86F), however a daytime temperature of 24C (75F) should be provided and allowed to drop to around 13-18C (55-61F) at night. It is noted that Grey Tree Frogs can also withstand freezing temperatures by freezing their internal body fluids to as low as -8C (17.5F).

Provide a 3 inch deep substrate; the ProRep Bio Life Forest is ideal to use especially if you want a natural bio active setup. Branches and bark should be placed to allow resting and hiding places, along with a variety of live terrarium plants and/or artificial plants and bushes.

Place a large water bowl which should be cleaned daily or when soiled, also mist lightly once a day. Feed on a varied diet of crickets, small locust and wax worm moths. If you have a bio active setup, place roaches and woodlice in as clean-up crews and extra snacks. You want to dust the food with a calcium powder three times a week and with a vitamin supplement no more than twice a week.

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