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Praying Mantis for sale

We have had many years breeding Praying Mantids, which you will be happy to know, we are starting up again. This section is full of information on these strange, but beautiful creatures.

African Giant Stick Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

African Giant Stick Praying Mantis
Heterochaeta orientalis

The African Giant Stick Praying Mantis is truly a giant Mantis species, adults reach an impressive size of 10-12cm. They look like sticks and will mimic twigs when disturbed by holding out their forearms.

African Lined Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

African Lined Mantis
Sphodromantis lineola

The African Praying Mantis is medium sized and typical mantis appearance. They range in shades of browns and greens depending on the species and humidity levels.

Asian Flower Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Asian Flower Mantis
Creobroter pictipennis

The Asian flower mantis; Creobroter pictipennis is a species of mantid very similar to the jeweled flower mantis; Creobroter gemmatus. With only the patterning on the wings being different.

Banded Flower Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Banded Flower Mantis
Theopropus elegans

The Banded Flower Mantis is a small species, females reach 5cm and males only 2cm. Experience is recommended for this species due to their specific requirements.

Blue Flash Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Blue Flash Mantis
Sphodromantis sp. Congo

A typical looking praying mantis that reaches adult sizes of around 6-8cm. It has green eyes and striking flashes of blue on it's front legs. A very nice species to keep!

Bud Wing Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Bud Wing Praying Mantis
Parasphendale affinis

The Bud Wing Praying Mantis is a medium praying mantis from kenya with small bud wings.

Chinese Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Chinese Praying Mantis
Tenodera aridifolia sinensis

The Chinese Praying Mantis is a large common mantis originating from China but lives in the USA.

Congo Green Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Congo Green Praying Mantis
Sphodromantis aurea

The Congo Green Praying Mantis is a stunning vivid green and has a typical praying mantis look.

Cryptic Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Cryptic Praying Mantis
Sibylla pretiosa

The Cryptic Praying Mantis is a small communal species that reaches an adult length of 4-6cm, females tend to be larger than males. They have a long thin thorax and distinctive projections from the head, prothorax and femurs.

Dead Leaf Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Dead Leaf Praying Mantis
Deroplatys desiccata

Dead Leaf Praying Mantids mimic decaying, crumpled leaves in Malaysia hence how they get their name.

Devils Flower Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Devils Flower Praying Mantis
Idolomantis diabolica

Idolomantis diabolica is more commonly known as the Devil's Flower Mantis or Giant Devil's Flower Mantis and is one of the biggest species of praying mantis out there. They are certainly the largest that imitate flowers.

Egyptian Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Egyptian Praying Mantis
Miomantis paykullii

The Egyptian Praying Mantis is a small, slender species of praying mantis from Egypt. They range in colour from straw to green.

European Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

European Praying Mantis
Mantis religiosa

The European Praying Mantis is native to Europe, Asia and Africa, it has also been introduced to areas of American. They can vary in colour from brown to green and have a distinctive black spot on the inside arms.

Ghost Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Ghost Praying Mantis
Phyllocrania paradoxa

The Ghost Praying Mantis is a madagascan praying mantis with leaf like projections on the legs and head.

Giant African Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Giant African Mantis
Sphodromantis viridis

This species of mantis is native to West Africa. It has become increasingly popular among invertebrate keepers, due to its size and bright green colouration.

Giant Asian Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Giant Asian Praying Mantis
Hierodula membranacea

The Giant Asian Praying Mantis is a large typical looking praying mantis from Asia.

Giant Indian Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Giant Indian Praying Mantis
Hierodula grandis

The Giant Indian Praying Mantis is a typical looking giant praying mantis.

Giant Malaysian Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Giant Malaysian Praying Mantis
Hierodula trimaculata

Giant Malaysian Praying Mantis, this vigorous eater is large and typical praying mantis apperance.

Giant Malaysian Shield Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Giant Malaysian Shield Praying Mantis
Rhombodera basalis

The Giant Malaysian Shield Praying Mantis is a large praying mantis with a shield, they originate from Malaysia.

Giant Rainforest Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Giant Rainforest Praying Mantis
Hierodula majuscula

The Giant Rainforest Praying Mantis is Australia's largest praying mantis reaching an adult size of around 7cm. They are bright green with rusty red inner front arms and purple on the underside of the prothorax.

Griffin Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Griffin Mantis
Polyspilota griffini

Polyspilota griffinii, common name Griffin Mantis, is a species of praying mantis native to Cameroon. Sadly there isn't much more information available on this species.

Indian Flower Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Indian Flower Praying Mantis
Creoboter Meleagris

The Indian Flower Praying Mantis is a small attractive praying manits from India.

Jeweled Flower Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Jeweled Flower Praying Mantis
Creobroter gemmatus

The Jeweled Flower Praying Mantis is the smallest of the Creobroter family with adults reaching 4cm in length. They have green wings with a yellow eye shaped pattern.

Johannesburg Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Johannesburg Praying Mantis
Miomantis sp. Johannesburg cf. caffra

The Johannesburg Praying Mantis reaches an adult size of 3-6cm which is large for a Miomantis species. Females are much larger and plump looking compared to the males that are light and slender in appearance.

Lime Green Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Lime Green Mantis
Taumantis sigiana

A small mantis species that is a beautiful lime green colour.

Madagascan Green Mantid PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Madagascan Green Mantid
Tarachomantis alaotrana

A small and pretty species from Madagascar. They have brown and violet colour on the chest, head, and they have green legs and sides.

Madagascan Marbled Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Madagascan Marbled Praying Mantis
Polyspilota aeruginosa

The Madagascan Marbled Praying Mantis is a large mantis with brown marbled affect all over the body and wings.

Malaysian Orchid Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Malaysian Orchid Praying Mantis
Hymenopus coronatus

Malaysian Orchid Praying Mantis, one of the most beautiful Mantids in the world.

Marbled Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Marbled Praying Mantis
Hierodula parviceps

The Marbled Praying Mantis is a medium sized praying mantis with wings vary in colour, from a light brown pearl to a lovely blue pearl.

New Zealand Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

New Zealand Praying Mantis
Orthodera novaezealandiae

The New Zealand Praying Mantis is a very active small Mantis.

Peacock Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Peacock Mantis
Pseudempusa pinnapavonis

The peacock mantis is quite a brown and ordinary looking mantis. Well that is until it does a threat display, and then you can see where this beautiful mantis really gets it's name from.

Praying Mantids PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Praying Mantids

A number of Praying Mantids for sale which currently need care sheets writing up for each species. We have approx. four new species to offer!

South American Green Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

South American Green Mantis
Oxyopsis gracilis

The South American Green Mantis; Oxyopsis gracilis is a species of praying mantis native to South America. These mantis are of medium size with adult females averaging 3 inches in length and adult males being smaller.

Spiny Flower Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Spiny Flower Praying Mantis
Pseudocreobotra Ocellata and Wahlbergii

The Spiny Flower Praying Mantis is an attractive Mantis, similar species to Indian Flower Mantids.

Thailand Boxer Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Thailand Boxer Praying Mantis
Acromantis gestri

The Thailand Boxer Praying Mantis is a small Mantis - the front arms have a red/brown-banded affect.

Thistle Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Thistle Mantis
Blepharoppsis mendica

The Thistle Mantis is a stunning species originating from North Africa and South East Asia. These mantis are generally cream/beige in colour with green vein markings and stripes on their wings as adults.

Twig Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Twig Praying Mantis
Popa spurca

The Twig Praying Mantis is a fascinating praying mantis that imitates a small stick.

Violet Metalic Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Violet Metalic Praying Mantis
Metallyticus violaceus

This is a small communal species that prefers a warm environment. Although nearly black in colour when young, when they mature they are stunning iridescent colour.

Wandering Violin Praying Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Wandering Violin Praying Mantis
Gongylus gongylodes

The Wandering Violin Praying Mantis, is one of the most bizarre looking Mantids in the world.

West African Mantis PhotoCurrently Unvailable

West African Mantis
Sphodromantis baccettii

The West African Mantis has a similar appearance to the African Lined, however a dark blue to black mark is present on the forearms. They reach a size of 7 to 8cm and have a great appetite.

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