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The foundations of Exotic Pets started from our passion in keeping these fascinating creatures. Mantis are an ambush predator like no other, heavily reliant on their sight and extremely good at camouflage.

Budwing Mantis
Budwing MantisParasphendale agrioninaPrices from8.00
Similar in appearance to P. affinis but with the noticeable difference of having orange and black colouration underneath the forewings rather than just black.
Chinese Boxer Mantis
Chinese Boxer MantisHestiasula cf. hoffmanniPrices from8.00
Not seen as often as other boxer mantis species but every bit as fascinating.
Cryptic Mantis
Cryptic MantisSibylla pretiosaPrices from10.00
The Cryptic Praying Mantis is a small communal species that reaches an adult length of 4-6cm, females tend to be larger than males. They have a long thin thorax and distinctive projections from the head, prothorax and femurs.
Dead Leaf Mantis
Dead Leaf MantisDeroplatys lobataPrices from6.00
These mantis mimic crumpled fallen leaves, giving them a superb natural camouflage.
Ghost Praying Mantis
Ghost Praying MantisPhyllocrania paradoxaPrices from6.00
The Ghost Praying Mantis is a madagascan praying mantis with leaf like projections on the legs and head.
Giant Rainforest Mantis
Giant Rainforest MantisHierodula majusculaPrices from6.00
The Giant Rainforest or King Mantis is Australia's largest praying mantis species reaching an adult size of around 7cm. They are bright green with rusty red inner front arms and purple on the underside of the prothorax.
Jeweled Flower Mantis
Jeweled Flower MantisCreobroter gemmatusPrices from7.00
The Jeweled Flower Praying Mantis is the smallest of the Creobroter family with adults reaching 4cm in length. They have green wings with a yellow eye shaped pattern.
Madagascan Marbled Mantis
Madagascan Marbled MantisPolyspilota aeruginosaPrices from6.00
A large species of mantis with a marbled effect all over its body and wings.
Malaysian Blue Mantis
Malaysian Blue MantisHierodula sp. "Blue"Prices from6.00
Not much solid information is available regarding this mantis species. But we do know that they were originally collected from Borneo island in the Sandakan Zone of Malaysia.
Mega Mantis
Mega MantisPlistospilota guineensis Prices from10.00
An impressive species of mantis found in West Africa that reaches huge adult sizes.
Wandering Violin Mantis
Wandering Violin MantisGongylus gongylodesPrices from10.00
This has to be one of the strangest and bizarre looking Mantids there is!

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