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Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Frog Kit

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Frog Kit
Affordable basic kit

If you're new to exotic pet keeping and wish to keep tree frog species then this kit provides some of the basic essentials.

  • Front ventilation
  • Single glass door
  • Stainless steel mesh lid
  • Snap lock to prevent accidental escapees

Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Frog Kit - Naturalistic Terrarium Frog Kit
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Naturalistic Terrarium Frog Kit
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What's included in the Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Frog Kit?

This kit can be used to house many different species of amphibians including small tree frogs or reed frogs.

Included in this kit;

  • Naturalistic Terrarium (12x12x18")
  • Built-in-screen top
  • Eco Earth Substrate
  • Terrarium Moss
  • Natural Bush Plastic Plant
  • Zoo Med's Guide to Amphibian Care
  • Reptisafe Water Conditioner
  • Reptivite Vitamins
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