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Amphibian Kits for sale

A lot of people when thinking of keeping an amphibian for the first time, are confused by all of the equipment involved. Here are a range of different starter kits to get you started.

BiopodSelf-contained ecosystemPrices from£449.00
A complete terrarium or paludarium with inbuilt, heating, lighting and misting components. Tell the Biopod app what you wanting to raise or grow and with the tap of a button, create the ideal environment for your plants and animals.
Exo Terra Amphibian Starter Kit
Exo Terra Amphibian Starter KitAffordable basic kitPrices from£115.99
These kits are aimed at newcomers to the hobby and provide the basic products to keep your first amphibians as pets.
Exotic Pets Premium Tree Frog Kit
Exotic Pets Premium Tree Frog KitAll-in-one starter kit Prices from£249.00
The best products available on the market, rolled into a comprehensive all-in-one starter kit package for tree frogs.
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Frog Kit
Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Frog KitAffordable basic kitPrices from£67.29
If you're new to exotic pet keeping and wish to keep tree frog species then this kit provides some of the basic essentials.
Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Amphibian Pacman Frog Kit
Zoo Med ReptiHabitat Amphibian Pacman Frog KitAffordable basic kitPrices from£75.19
This kit is aimed at newcomers to the hobby and provides most of the basic essentials for keeping your first terrestrial amphibians as pets.

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