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Peregrine Horned Frog Starter Kit

Peregrine Horned Frog Starter Kit
Ideal for terrestrial amphibians

Contains everything you need to house a horned frog. This kit is designed to help you create an ideal environment to keep an Argentinian Horned Frog or similar small terrestrial species.

  • Easy to setup
  • Includes all housing essentials
  • Ideal for novice keepers
  • Housing suitable for approximately a year
  • Contains a thermostat

Peregrine Horned Frog Starter Kit - (46 x 30 x 17cm)
Off Site (may take 1 extra working day)
(46 x 30 x 17cm)
Earn 400 PetPoints

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What's inside the Peregrine Horned Frog Kit?

  • Exo Terra Flat Faunarium, Large
  • Microclimate Ministat 100
  • ProRep Heat Mat
  • Lucky Reptile Thermometer Deluxe
  • ProRep Coco Bedding Fine, 5 litre
  • ProRep Live Moss 1.5 litre 
  • ProRep Water Pool
  • Spray Bottle, 500ml 
  • ZooMed Pacman Frog Food, 57g
  • ProRep Plastic Feeding Tongs

What species is this starter kit suitable for?

  • Cranwell's Horned Frog
  • Ornate Horned Frog
  • Fantasy Horned Frog

Do you recommend anything else?

A good quality calcium and vitamin supplement is essential. This is used for dusting live food prior to feeding to your horned frog.

Finally, with all amphibian species you must treat all tap water with a good quality dechlorinator before use.

Further advice on using these starter kits

If you have a cold house, plastic starter kits may not be suitable. In a cooler environment it can be difficult to reach and maintain the required temperatures for keeping frogs. If you feel this may be a problem, please contact us for advice on alternative housing.

Do your research
Before you commit to buying any pet, please do your own independent research.