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Exotic Pets Bearded Dragon Accessory Kit
UV lighting, heating, and accessories

Ideal for Bearded Dragon enthusiasts looking to keep their first reptile, and for experienced keepers wanting a new pet.

Exotic Pets Bearded Dragon Accessory Kit - Accessory Kit
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Accessory Kit
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Bearded Dragon Accessory Kit

Designed for Bearded Dragon enthusiasts with or looking to purchase a 4’ (48” long) vivarium.

This kit contains all the essential UV lighting, heating, and accessories for the successful keeping of a Bearded Dragon.

  • Arcadia 34" Pro T5 UVB Kit, 12% UV Lamp, 39w
  • HabiStat Dimming Thermostat, High Range
  • ProRep Ceramic Lamp Holder WITH Bracket
  • Reptile Systems Basking Spotlight, 150w
  • ProRep Heater Guard Large Rectangular, Easy Open
  • Zoo Med Digital Terrarium Thermometer
  • Repashy Calcium Plus 85g
  • Arcadia EarthPro Dragon Fuel
  • ProRep ProTect Ultimate Disinfectant, 750ml RTU

Please note: We recommend using this kit with vivarium’s that are 22-24” deep (or greater). This is to ensure there is sufficient ground clearance from the bottom of your heater guard (8.5” deep) to the vivarium floor, and so your dragon can comfortably get underneath to bask.

What else would I need with this accessory kit?

  • Vivarium 4’ (48” long) 
  • Feed and Water Dish
  • Substrate and Décor
  • Your Bearded Dragon
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