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Exotic Pets Basic Hatchling Kit

Exotic Pets Basic Hatchling Kit
Complete Setup

Our basic hatchling kit contains all the essentials to get you started in keeping a variety of baby snakes.

Exotic Pets Basic Hatchling Kit - Complete Setup
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Complete Setup
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A lot of people when thinking of keeping a snake as a pet often are confused by all of the equipment involved. With our experience behind us we've designed this kit to keep husbandry simple.

If you haven't owned a snake before and looking to purchase a younger hatchling or baby snake for the first time then this is the right kit for you. The Exotic-Pets Basic Hatchling Kit is suitable for a wide variety of young snakes such as Corn, Rat, King & Milk Snakes plus many more. It is important that you research each species your interested in and if your not sure if this is suitable then please contact us and we will happily advise you on the best setup for your animal.

We recommend keeping baby snakes on their own to prevent stress and to allow accurate feeding records to be kept. This kit should provide most young snakes a home for around a year before any upgrade is required. If a young snake is provided with an enclosure to large to soon it can become very stressed and cease feeding. The Exotic Pets Basic Hatchling Kit will allow the snake to feel secure, safe and will allow it to thrive under optimal conditions.

Contents may vary from photo for other like for like equipment. Please see below for the list of items contained in our starter kit;

  • Faunarium (360 x 210 x 160mm / 14" x 8" x 6")
  • Heat Mat 7w (150 x 280mm / 6" x 11")
  • Thermostat (On/Off device, perfect for heat mats)
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Aspen Bedding
  • Coco Hide
  • Small Water Bowl
  • Plastic Feeding Tongs

Please note: Some snake hatchling kits on the market often lack important essentials such as thermostats. This kit has been put together from years of experience, with the best products available. It offers excellent value for money.