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ProRep Live Plant - Snake Plant

ProRep Live Plant - Snake Plant
Sansevieria cylindrical ‘Mikado’

The Snake Plant is named due to its appearance; long dark green leaves with lighter bands. Also known as Mother-in-laws Tongue probably because of the sharp point to the leaves.

Pet SafeYes
Plant TypeGround
SizeUp to 100cm
Light StrengthBright light

ProRep Live Plant - Snake Plant - 5cm pot
Off Site (may take 1 extra working day)
5cm pot
Earn 8 PetPoints

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What does a Snake plant look like?

This plant is very slow growing but can reach a height of 60-100cm, therefore would be best kept in larger enclosures. The leaves are upright and taper to a point, these are dark green with lighter bands. When in bloom, multiple white fragrant flowers come from a tall stem.

How do you care for the Snake plant?

The Snake plant is very tolerant to its surrounding conditions. It prefers bright light but can have some shading. Planting into a dry enclosure is best as it can store water in the leaves and roots. If using in a forest type setup, the soil shouldn’t be kept too damp.

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