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ProRep Live Plant - Lace Aloe

ProRep Live Plant - Lace Aloe
Aloe aristata

The Lace Aloe is a robust, clump forming Aloe for dry environments. Plant in well-draining soil and keep the roots slightly damp, requires good light.

Pet SafeYes
Plant TypeGround
SizeUp to 20cm
Light StrengthBright light

ProRep Live Plant - Lace Aloe - 8.5cm pot
Off Site (may take 1 extra working day)
8.5cm pot
Earn 4 PetPoints

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What does a Lace Aloe plant look like?

Lace Aloe is a succulent plant with a rosette of green grey leaves that are covered in tiny white spikes all over. The flowers are a reddish pink colour with tubular petals, set on long stems.

How do you care for the Lace Aloe plant?

Lace Aloes need bright lighting and a well-drained soil which prevents the roots rotting. Their leaves are designed to store water and so they are tolerant of occasional drying out, but this should be avoided if possible. They prefer to be watered as the soil dries out, but before they are completely dry. Unless the terrarium is set up with a deep, bio-active substrate then plants is a dry terrarium are best kept in their pot, which is then disguised with substrate and decor. This allows the plants to be watered as necessary without making the whole substrate too damp.

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