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ProRep Edible Plant - Selfheal

ProRep Edible Plant - Selfheal
Prunella vulgaris

Selfheal is an herb and wildflower that has a stunning blue-violet flower. This is an edible plant and ideal to feed to a number of exotics, birds and mammals.

Plant TypeGround
SizeUp to 30cm
Light StrengthBright Light - Partial Shade

ProRep Edible Plant - Selfheal - 10cm pot
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10cm pot
Earn 5 PetPoints

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The Selfheal plant provides a readily accepted treat for Tortoises, Bearded Dragons, Uromastyx and other herbivorous reptiles. It offers a fresh source of vitamins throughout the year. The whole pot can be placed in the enclosure, or it can be grown on the windowsill and stems cut off for feeding. Birds and Mammals also love it. This plant is certified as 100% organic, and has been grown without pesticides.

What does the Selfheal look like?

The Selfheal is a beautiful little wildflower and herb plant that is most recognisable due to is stunning blue-violet flowers. It is a semi-evergreen plant with oblong or ovate green leaves that have small hairs on the underside. When in bloom, multiple flowers appear from a bud like shape on the tip of the plant. Each flower reminds me of an angel shape or a hooded figure.

How do you care for the Selfheal?

This plant can tolerate a wide range of conditions but prefers good light with some shade and moisture-retentive soil. It doesn’t like very hot, dry conditions, therefore keeping on a windowsill and cutting the leaves when required may be best.

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