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ProRep Edible Plant - Dandelion

ProRep Edible Plant - Dandelion
Taraxacum officinale

Dandelions are best known as a common garden weed but rarely known as a plant that both humans and animals can eat. The leaves and epically the flowers are loved by most herbivores.

Plant TypeLow coverage
SizeUp to 20cm
Light StrengthBright Light - Partial Shade

ProRep Edible Plant - Dandelion - 10cm pot
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10cm pot
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The whole pot can be placed in the enclosure, or it can be grown on the windowsill and leaves cut off for feeding. Birds and Mammals also love it. This plant is certified as 100% organic, and has been grown without pesticides.

What does the Dandelion plant look like?

I think most people will know what Dandelions look like or if not the plant the flower and seeds. The leaves are pale green to dark green, oblong and deeply toothed. The flowers are bright orange/yellow and have many small thin petals, these in turn form the seeds which looks like a ball of fluff. Most children pick these and blow them in the wind to watch them dancing in the breeze. The whole plant contains a milky fluid known as latex and can stain hands, this is not harmful.

How do you care for the Dandelion plant?

Dandelions can tolerate a wide range of conditions as these are a common weed in gardens and tend to grow in the smallest crack. It prefers good light with some shade and moisture-retentive soil. It can be kept in hot, dry conditions, however water regular to prevent drooping. Keep in a container in the windowsill and cut the leaves when required. Allow Dandelions to flower as most exotics love the bright coloured flowers as a treat.

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