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Our latest monthly offers and promotions. Updated regularly with new products as they launch.

Exotic Pets Insect Boost - Drink Me
Exotic Pets Insect Boost - Drink MeInsect hydration gelPrices from£2.50
Scientifically formulated insect safe water gel to help keep feeder insects and pet bugs hydrated, without the risk of drowning.
Exotic Pets Insect Boost - Eat Me
Exotic Pets Insect Boost - Eat MeInsect gut loading formulaPrices from£2.50
Nutrient dense, all natural gut-loading food. Well fed insects stay alive for longer and our formula ensures that they are loaded with goodness for your exotic pets. Perfect for feeding to your pet bugs too.
Exotic Pets Plastic Feeding Tweezers
Exotic Pets Plastic Feeding TweezersFor hand feeding or spot cleaningPrices from£1.20
An essential, practical and versatile tool used by most exotic pet keepers for feeding, handling and spot cleaning.