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Our latest monthly offers and promotions. Updated regularly with new products as they launch.

Exo Terra Feed Dish
Exo Terra Feed DishIdeal for pets eating soft foodsPrices from£3.09
Natural looking feed dishes available in three sizes from the Exo Terra range.
Exo Terra Infrared Basking Spot
Exo Terra Infrared Basking SpotDay and night heat sourcePrices from£6.59
The Exo Terra Infra Red Heat Bulb emits infrared heat waves and is a typical heating lamp.
Exo Terra Water Dish
Exo Terra Water DishDrinking and bathing areas for Exotic PetsPrices from£3.09
With a natural rock appearance, this water dish looks nice in any type of enclosure and are available in four sizes.
Exotic Pets Lignocel Bedding
Exotic Pets Lignocel BeddingFor snakes and small mammalsPrices from£2.79
Lignocel bedding is a direct alternative to aspen and ideal for animals that prefer drier environments. Produced from wood sourced from sustainable forests, heat treated and then shredded. Ideal for species that nest or burrow.
Exotic Pets Plastic Feeding Tweezers
Exotic Pets Plastic Feeding TweezersFor hand feeding or spot cleaningPrices from£1.00
An essential, practical and versatile tool used by most exotic pet keepers for feeding, handling and spot cleaning.
Exotic Pets Vermiculite
Exotic Pets VermiculiteFor reptile egg incubationPrices from£2.19
A natural and inert product that will not decay or go mouldy. Vermiculite retains moisture over long periods of time, making it perfect for reptile egg incubation. It has been used successfully for decades by breeders worldwide.
Komodo Ceramic Lamp Fixture and Mounting Bracket
Komodo Ceramic Lamp Fixture and Mounting BracketSuitable for all bulbsPrices from£11.39
An easy to fit screw lamp fixture that can be mounted inside the vivarium. Suitable for basking bulbs, compact lamps and ceramic heaters.
Komodo Ficus Silk Vine
Komodo Ficus Silk VineHanging plantPrices from£4.39
A realistic silk hanging plant that helps to create a natural, low maintenance habitat.
Komodo Reptile Scales
Komodo Reptile ScalesFor monitoring your pets weightPrices from£9.99
Perfect for accurately measuring and monitoring your reptiles weight. An essential tool for snake and gecko breeders.
ProRep Terrascaping Resin Colour
ProRep Terrascaping Resin ColourFor bio-active enclosuresPrices from£9.59
The ProRep Terrascaping Resin Colour is added to the Terrascaping Sealing Resin to give a desired effect within your enclosure.
ProRep Tortoise Botanical Mix
ProRep Tortoise Botanical MixComplimentary dried foodPrices from£2.79
Prepared complimentary diet of tortoise favourites. A choice of botanical dried leaves, flowers and even a special juvenile mix.
Zoo Med Nocturnal Infra Red Bulb
Zoo Med Nocturnal Infra Red Bulb24hr infra red heatPrices from£8.99
True red glass, not painted or coated! Zoo Med's spot reflector focuses more heat into your enclosure and minimizes nighttime glare.