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Arcadia EarthPro FlowerBoost
Arcadia EarthPro FlowerBoostFor plant eating reptilesPrices from£4.19
Another addition from the EarthPro range, FlowerBoost is the ultimate food supplement for Tortoises, Bearded Dragons and other plant eating species of reptile.
Arcadia T8 Natural Sunlight Reptile Lamp
Arcadia T8 Natural Sunlight Reptile LampFull spectrum lampPrices from£8.99
A full spectrum fluorescent lamp designed to simulate, as closely as possible, the spectrum of natural sunlight including UVA and UVB.
Exo Terra Natural Light Tube
Exo Terra Natural Light TubeFull spectrum daylight T8 bulbPrices from£8.25
Perfect for providing full spectrum natural daylight and for stimulating plant growth. These bulbs replace the Exo Terra Repti-Glow 2.0.
HabiStat Sliding Glass Door Lock
HabiStat Sliding Glass Door LockFor sliding glass doorsPrices from£3.19
Perfect for use with wooden vivariums and terrariums with sliding glass doors.
Komodo Anthurium Bush
Komodo Anthurium BushArtificial rainforest ground plantPrices from£8.49
The Komodo Anthurium Bush brings some colour to your rainforest enclosure.
Komodo Boston Fern
Komodo Boston FernStanding plantPrices from£7.19
Artificial ground plant perfect for creating a visually appealing and realistic habitat.
Komodo Hygrometer Analog
Komodo Hygrometer AnalogFor measuring humidityPrices from£3.99
Monitoring humidity within an enclosure is essential in providing your exotic pet with the correct environment.
Komodo Kidney Bowl
Komodo Kidney BowlFeed or water dishPrices from£1.59
For those who prefer a clinical approach to their exotic pet keeping, these bowls have smooth glazed sides for ease of cleaning.
Komodo Latex Tropical Vine
Komodo Latex Tropical VineFlexible vinePrices from£5.49
The Komodo Latex Tropical Vines are made from safe and flexible latex for reptiles and amphibians to climb and explore.
Komodo Natural Tropical Vine
Komodo Natural Tropical VineArtificial and bendablePrices from£5.79
Komodo's Natural Tropical Vines are made from safe and flexible Coconut fibres for reptiles to climb and explore.
Komodo Spider Orchid
Komodo Spider OrchidArtificial plantPrices from£10.99
The Komodo Spider Orchid helps create a realistic look to any rainforest setup.
Komodo Thermometer Analog
Komodo Thermometer AnalogFor measuring temperaturePrices from£3.99
Monitoring temperatures within an enclosure is essential in providing your exotic pet with the correct environment.
ProRep Green Jungle Spotlamp
ProRep Green Jungle SpotlampGreen basking bulbPrices from£2.99
The ProRep Green Jungle Spotlamp is used to simulate the sun shinning through a forest canopy.
ProRep Plastic Round Hide
ProRep Plastic Round HideSecure hiding placePrices from£4.49
A simple and affordable hideaway. Perfect for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.
ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp
ProRep Red Night Spot Lamp Day and night heat sourcePrices from£3.19
Ideal for nocturnal species and for providing a permanent night-time heat source.
Repashy Beardie Buffet
Repashy Beardie BuffetFor omnivorous speciesPrices from£11.99
Our complimentary formula for all insect and veggie eating species of omnivores.
Repashy Bug Burger
Repashy Bug BurgerFor gut loading livefoodPrices from£8.99
Our complete diet for crickets, roaches and other insects. This premix both feeds and hydrates and is fortified with calcium.
Repashy Calcium Plus LOD
Repashy Calcium Plus LODVitamin and calcium supplementPrices from£10.99
The Repashy Calcium Plus LOD is an all-in-one Calcium Supplement with added Vitamins, trace Minerals, and Carotenoids for species with low Vitamin D requirements that receive moderate UVB radiation from natural or artificial sunlight.
Repashy Chicken Pot Pie
Repashy Chicken Pot PieFor omnivorous speciesPrices from£11.99
Our chicken based omnivore formula for opportunistic species. A complete diet that can also be fed as an occasional treat to herbivores and insectivores.
Repashy Formic-Cal Plus
Repashy Formic-Cal PlusAnt eater supplementPrices from£1.00
Repashy Formic-Cal Plus is a new product on the market and research is still being carried out; it is designed for ant-eating species.
Repashy Grassland Grazer
Repashy Grassland GrazerTortoise gel premixPrices from£11.99
The Repashy Grassland Grazer has been designed for species that require a high fibre diet.
Repashy Superfoods Savory Stew
Repashy Superfoods Savory StewMeal replacement gelPrices from£8.25
Ideal for meal loving reptiles and amphibians.
Repashy SuperLoad
Repashy SuperLoadFor gut loading livefoodPrices from£8.99
Our super concentrated gut loading formula increases the nutritional value of feeder insects. Improved gel formula now allows it to be used dry, or as a gel.
Repashy SuperVeggie
Repashy SuperVeggieAll-in-one herbivore supplementPrices from£10.99
Our "all-in-one" calcium supplement for herbivorous and omnivorous reptiles and amphibians. With added vitamins, trace minerals and carotenoids. No need for a separate vitamin supplement.
Repashy Veggie Burger
Repashy Veggie BurgerOmnivore gel premixPrices from£11.99
The Repashy Veggie Burger has been designed for omnivorous species; this can be made into small cubes or shredded.
Repstyle Bonsai with Rock Feeder
Repstyle Bonsai with Rock FeederFeed dishPrices from£8.49
A highly detailed and realistic polyresin and plastic bonsai with rock feeder by Repstyle.
Zoo Med Cork Tile Background
Zoo Med Cork Tile BackgroundTerrarium backgroundPrices from£23.99
Ideal for placing into terrariums or vivariums. Use several panels for large enclosures. Four sizes available.
Zoo Med Repti Hammock
Zoo Med Repti HammockIdeal for reptilesPrices from£7.39
A suspended hammock for your reptiles to rest, climb or play on.
Zoo Med Repti Rock Combo Pack
Zoo Med Repti Rock Combo PackFood and water dishPrices from£6.69
A pack containing both a Zoo Med Repti Rock Water and Food Dish. Made from 100% recycled plastic and withstanding of continual vivarium use. Available in a choice of three sizes and to suit a variety of different reptile species.
Zoo Med ReptiSun T5 HO Terrarium Hood
Zoo Med ReptiSun T5 HO Terrarium HoodIdeal for use over glass terrariumsPrices from£39.99
Provide your animals with revolutionary T5 lighting over your terrarium with a Reptisun T5 HO Terrarium Hood.
Zoo Med T5 HO ReptiSun 5.0 UVB
Zoo Med T5 HO ReptiSun 5.0 UVBHigh Output Tropical UVB lampPrices from£24.99
The difference between T5 lighting and T8 lighting for reptiles and amphibians cannot be emphasied enough. Zoo Med's T5 High Output range offer both an increase in visible light and UV output compared to older T8 technology.
Zoo Med T8 ReptiSun 5.0 UVB
Zoo Med T8 ReptiSun 5.0 UVBTropical UVB lampPrices from£13.99
These tubes are best used for animals from tropical regions that require moderate levels of UVB.