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Crabs for sale

You will find a small selection of Crab species ranging from Land Crabs to the popular Hermit Crabs.

Purple Clawed Hermit Crab PhotoAvailable to Order

Purple Clawed Hermit Crab
Coenobita clypeatus

Purple Clawed Hermit Crabs are one of the best beginner species to keep and maintain. They are very sociable and do best kept in large groups, this also makes them more active and fun to watch.

Barbados Giant Land Crabs PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Barbados Giant Land Crabs
Cardisoma guanhumi

These crabs are BIG! In total they can reach an impressive size of 35cm, the males large claw can measure 15cm. They must be kept on their own due to fighting. They will feed on a range of fruit and vegetables.

Barbados Vampire Crab PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Barbados Vampire Crab
Epulotheres sp

The Barbados Vampire Crab is a small species found living on boulder over hanging rivers in Barbados. They can be kept together in communal tanks and feed on a range of foods.

Bermuda Land Crab PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Bermuda Land Crab
Gecarcinus lateralis

The Bermuda Land Crab may also be known as a Blackback Land Crab or a Red Land Crab. These are found living near the Atlantic coast from Texas and Florida south to Venezuela and Guyana, including the Antilles.

Ecuadorian Hermit Crab PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Ecuadorian Hermit Crab
Coenobita compressus

The Ecuadorian Hermit Crab is one of the smallest species reaching a size of around 4 to 5cm. Young crabs tend to be a blue to green colour, where as adult become a orange to brown.

Emerald Land Crab PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Emerald Land Crab
Metasesarma obesum

Each Emerald Land Crab varies in appearance, although they all have a cream base colour with different colours and patterns on their back. They are small in size, reaching approximately 3cm.

Halloween Crab PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Halloween Crab
Gecarcinus quadratus

These brightly coloured Halloween Crabs, live mostly in forests close to the beach. They can be found in large number in Costa Rica.

Madagascan Land Crabs PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Madagascan Land Crabs
Unknown sp.

Little is known about these Madagascan Land Crabs. They do enjoy spending time bathing in water and seem very active.

Nigerian Hermit Crab PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Nigerian Hermit Crab
Unkown species

These fragile looking Hermit Crabs are found within the Mangrove swamps of Western African and may be classed as Marine Hermit Crabs.

Rainbow Land Crab PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Rainbow Land Crab
Cardisoma armatum

Rainbow Land Crabs are found along river and costal areas of west Africa. With a blue to purple carapace and bright orange to red legs, they make an attractive pet.

Red Clawed Crab PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Red Clawed Crab
Sesarma bidens

The Red Clawed Crab is a small species originating from Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. They are an aquatic species, however must have access to a dry area.

Strawberry Hermit Crab PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Strawberry Hermit Crab
Coenobita perlatus

As the name suggests, the Strawberry Hermit Crab has the appearance and colour of a strawberry. They are very active and strong, easily trashing and moving objects within an enclosure.

Viola Hermit Crabs PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Viola Hermit Crabs
Coenobita violascens

Viola Hermit Crabs vary in colour from juveniles to adults. Youngsters are orange then mature to a blue, lavender or dark purple colour. The first pair of antennae is red, this is a such way to identify this species.

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