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ProRep Resin Jelly Pot Holder

ProRep Resin Jelly Pot Holder
Terrestrial food station

These natural looking holders are perfect for offering invertebrates or lizard species jelly pots at ground level.

  • Made from resin with a natural finish
  • Suitable with many brands of jelly pot
  • Ideal for beetles and many gecko species

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What are ProRep Resin Jelly Pot Holders used for?

Useful as jelly pots are, their design does not make them particularly stable, so they need a holder to enable them to be presented easily without being knocked over and contaminated. 

These new resin holders are not only attractive and natural looking, but they are nice and stable, ensuring that the jellies are held firmly, but are still accessible. They are also made from food grade resin which is easy to clean.