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Millipedes for sale

With hundreds of legs and some species growing to huge sizes, Millipedes are great exotic pets for children and adults. There are many species that are normally colourful like the Burmese Millipedes.

African Giant Black Millipedes PhotoCurrently Unvailable

African Giant Black Millipedes
Archispirostrenptus gigas

Large and hardy, these Giant Millipedes make perfect exotic pets. Caution should be taken when handling not to drop them, as they are heavy compared to other species.

Amber Millipedes PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Amber Millipedes
Unknown species

Amber Millipedes are big, pretty and don't mind being handled. They are easy to care for, feeding on natural decaying leaf matter, rotting wood and fruit and veg.

Barbados Banded Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Barbados Banded Millipede
Unknown species

This medium sized Millipede collected from Barbados has banded segments along with dark pink legs.

Barbados Neon Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Barbados Neon Millipede
Anadenobolus monilicornis

This is a small, brightly coloured Millipede from Barbados. These are rarely offered and should not be missed in anyones collection.

Black and White Giant Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Black and White Giant Millipede
Omopyge grandis

This giant black and white banded millipede has been collected from Uganda. They reach an adult length of approximately 15cm.

Burmese Millipedes PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Burmese Millipedes
Unknown species

Burmese Millipedes are a great size when adult and have lovely colouring. This is an ideal pet for children who want an easy exotic pet, when out too much maintenance.

Chocolate Millipedes PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Chocolate Millipedes
Unknown species

The Chocolate Millipede can reach sizes of 20cm. They are a popular species due to them being hardy.

Florida Grey Millipedes PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Florida Grey Millipedes
Narceous gordanus

These animals can be found all over pennisula Florida. During hot days they bury themselves in leaf litter and over in the scrubland they bury themselves in the sand. I assume this is where their nickname scrub millipede has come from.

Long Legged Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Long Legged Millipede
Unknown species

The Long Legged Millipede can be found in Nigeria, Africa. They are an olive brown colour with long banded legs.

Madagascan Giant Emerald Pill Bugs PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Madagascan Giant Emerald Pill Bugs
Sphaerotheriida sp

Little is know about these Madagascan Giant Emerald Pill Bugs, but they do make interesting pets.

Pink Legged Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Pink Legged Millipede
Spirostreptus hamatus

This is a nice small to medium sized Millipede from Tanzania, Africa. They have a brown banded body with bright pink legs.

Red Fire Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Red Fire Millipede
Centrobolus annulatus

This bright red coloured millipede is from Mozambique and measures approximately 10cm in length.

Red Spotted Flat Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Red Spotted Flat Millipede
Polydesmus species

This is a new species of flat millipede available within the pet trade. They can be found living within the forest floor of Nigeria.

Rusty Millipedes PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Rusty Millipedes
Trigoniulus corallinus

Trigoniulus corallinus sometimes called the amber or rusty millipede are native to areas around Thailand and Myanma. These are not commonly available within the pet trade.

Tanzanian Brown Millipedes PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Tanzanian Brown Millipedes

Little is known regarding this species. However we have noticed them climbing in captivity so we keep them in a semi arboreal setup much like the Yellow Legged Millipedes. We feed them on rotting leaves, wood, and feed occasional fruit.

Tanzanian Earthworm Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Tanzanian Earthworm Millipede
Spirostreptus brachycerus

The Tanzanian Earthworm Millipede is a small African species that reaches an adult length of approximately 10cm. They have an overall pink body and legs, the body is slender and this species tends to curl tightly into a ball if disturbed.

Tanzanian Pill Bug Millipedes PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Tanzanian Pill Bug Millipedes
Arthrosphaera cf. brandtii

Not much is known about these fascinating little creatures, but they do have an unusual defensive mechanism where they curl tightly up into a ball showing their tough skeletal armor to any potential predators.

Tanzanian Red Leg Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Tanzanian Red Leg Millipede
Ephibolus pulchripes

The Tanzanian Red Leg Millipede is a lovely species, with a black body and bright red legs. They reach an impressive adult size of approx 4-6 inches too!

Tanzanian Yellow Legged Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Tanzanian Yellow Legged Millipede
Dendrostreptus macracanthus

The Tanzanian Yellow Leg Millipede is a shiny black millipede with yellow to orange legs, they reach an adult size of between 12 and 16cm. This is a semi arboreal species, therefore provide logs for climbing.

Texas Giant Gold Millipedes PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Texas Giant Gold Millipedes
Orthroporus ornatus

This is North Americas largest millipede species. Very pretty species with gold and chocolate bands along their body and bronze coloured legs.

Tri Colour Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Tri Colour Millipede
Unknown species

This small to medium sized millipede grows to a length of approximately 10cm. These are an Uganda species of Millipede.

Vietnam Rainbow Millipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Vietnam Rainbow Millipede
Tonkinbolus dolfusi

As the name suggests, these millipedes are from Vietnam and have a rainbow coloration. They are medium sized and must be kept at lower temperatures compared to other species.

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