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Centipedes for sale

Although these look similar to Millipedes, Centipedes are very different. These eat live insects instead of plant matter and have a very nasty bite, so caution should always be taken!

Amazon Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Amazon Centipede
Scolopendra angulata angulata

The Amazon Centipede reaches an impressive 20cm and has a body width of 1.5cm. These have been collected from areas like Surinam.

Barbados Giant Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Barbados Giant Centipede
Scolopendra subspinipes

The Barbados Giant Centipede is a large species of Centipede that has a body of around 15 to 18cm. Caution should always be taken with all Centipede, these are not for beginners.

Chilean Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Chilean Centipede
Hemiscolopendra chilensis

The Chilean Centipede is a medium sized species reaching an adult length of 10 to 12cm. They have a bluish body with cream and blue legs.

Egyptian Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Egyptian Centipede
Scolopendra cingulata

The Egyptian Centipede grows to an adult length of 8 to 10cm. They can be found in dry areas of Egypt.

Fan Tailed Centipedes PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Fan Tailed Centipedes
Alipes grandidieri

The Fan Tailed, also known as Flag Tailed Centipede inhabits areas of Africa like Tanzania and Uganda.

Haiti Giant Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Haiti Giant Centipede
Scolopendra alternans

The Haiti Giant Centipede is a large species which reaches an adult size of 17cm. They have a yellow to orange body with dark grey band at each segment join.

Peruvian Giant Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Peruvian Giant Centipede
Scolopendra gigantea

These animals are for true invertebrate enthusiasts only and arguably the biggest and most beautiful centipedes on the planet. Rarely available and highly sought after. These are not for beginners.

Red Head Tiger Leg Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Red Head Tiger Leg Centipede
Scolopendra morsitans

These East African centipedes can reach sizes of up to 13cm in length, with females usually larger. They are variable in color, with the head and body yellowish or brown with darker bands.

Tanzanian Blue Ring Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Tanzanian Blue Ring Centipede
Ethmostigmus trigonopodus

The Tanzanian Blue Ring Centipede reaches an adult length of 12 to 15cm. They inhabit Congo, Sudan and Tanzania within Africa.

Tanzanian Neon Blue Legged Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Tanzanian Neon Blue Legged Centipede
scolopendra mirabilis

Not much information can be found on the Tanzanian Neon Blue Legged Centipede. They are collected from Tanzania from savannah and grassland areas.

Tanzanian Yellow Legged Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Tanzanian Yellow Legged Centipede
Ethmostigmus trigonopodus

The Tanzanian Yellow Legged Centipede can reach an adult length of around 15cm, females being larger than males. They are from Savannah and grasslands area of Tanzania and Kenya.

Vietnam Giant Centipede PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Vietnam Giant Centipede
Scolopendra subspinipes

The Vietnam Giant Centipede is an aggressive species that grows to an adult size of 7 to 8 inches.

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