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Exotic Pets UK Ltd is the largest and trusted online reptile specialist offering a professional and reliable service to all our customers. We are committed to supplying the best products available and offering comprehensive advice and care information.

Find everything you require for your new or existing exotic pet with our range of starter kits, vivariums, décor, substrates, specialist equipment and foods. If you have any questions or comments, drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

Mice (Frozen Reptile Food)
MiceFrozen Reptile FoodPrices from£7.04
Mice are an excellent frozen reptile food and form the staple diet of most small to medium snakes. We offer a large variety of sizes and quantities to suit everyone.
Lucky Reptile Bearded Dragon Candy (Complimentary dried food)
Lucky Reptile Bearded Dragon CandyComplimentary dried foodPrices from£8.79
Compound feed for bearded dragons and other omnivorous reptiles.
Calci Worms (Hermetia illucens)
Calci WormsHermetia illucensPrices from£2.30
Calci worms are a fairly recent addition to the livefood market, already popular in America where they are sometimes known as phoenix worms or soldier grubs.
Arcadia EarthPro Herbi-Mix (Dietary supplement)
Arcadia EarthPro Herbi-MixDietary supplementPrices from£7.19
20+ plants and over 100 natural ingredients for vegetarian species.
Zoo Med Turtle Hatchling Formula (Natural aquatic turtle diet)
Zoo Med Turtle Hatchling FormulaNatural aquatic turtle dietPrices from£1.88
Hatchling Turtles require food that is full of all the vitamins and minerals they require to help growth. The Zoo Med Turtle Hatchling Formula is a small complete pellet that floats on the water surface.
Marbled Newt (Triturus marmoratus)
Marbled NewtTriturus marmoratusPrices from£67.50
A large, robust and beautiful European species of newt that is easy to keep and breed.

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Pet Supplies
Wednesday 13 July 2016

We are continuing to expand our pet supplies range and add further products to our website.

IHS Breeders Meeting (Sunday 19th June)
Tuesday 14 June 2016

We will be attending this weekends IHS show at Doncaster Racecourse with a range of livefood, supplies and inverts.

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