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Exotic Pets UK Ltd is the largest and trusted online reptile specialist offering a professional and reliable service to all our customers. We are committed to supplying the best products available and offering comprehensive advice and care information.

Find everything you require for your new or existing exotic pet with our range of starter kits, vivariums, décor, substrates, specialist equipment and foods. If you have any questions or comments, drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

Chile Red Rose Tarantula (Grammostola rosea)
Chile Red Rose TarantulaGrammostola roseaPrices from£5.00
Ideal first Tarantula, the Red Chile Rose is a great starter species. We would recommend one of the Chilean species to anybody who is looking to buy their first spider.
ProRep Tortoise Life (Tortoise bedding)
ProRep Tortoise LifeTortoise beddingPrices from£6.07
The Pro Rep Tortoise Life has been created to meet the needs of tortoises originating from arid habitats.
Earthworms (Various)
EarthwormsVariousPrices from£1.69
Earthworms do make great feeder food for our captive exotic pets either chopped up or whole.
Vetark Reptoboost (Add to drinking water)
Vetark ReptoboostAdd to drinking waterPrices from£21.59
Vetark Reptoboost is a probiotic combination of bacteria, enzymes, electrolytes and vitamins. Its high palatability means it can be added to the drinking water making its use simple for all species of reptiles.
Zoo Med Can O' Mini-Crickets  (Small crickets in a can)
Zoo Med Can O' Mini-Crickets Small crickets in a canPrices from£3.67
Small size crickets. Ideal for most small lizards, turtles, fish, birds and small animals.
Lucky Reptile Bearded Dragon Mix (Natural dried diet)
Lucky Reptile Bearded Dragon MixNatural dried dietPrices from£7.19
Compound feed for bearded dragons and other omnivorous reptiles.

Latest News

IHS Breeders Meeting (Sunday 19th June)
Tuesday 14 June 2016

We will be attending this weekends IHS show at Doncaster Racecourse with a range of livefood, supplies and inverts.

British Tarantula Society Show (BTS) 2016
Thursday 19 May 2016

This weekend is the biggest and best spider show in the country. We will of course be in attendance with a range of inverts, pet food and supplies.

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