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Exotic Pets UK Ltd is the largest and trusted online reptile specialist offering a professional and reliable service to all our customers. We are committed to supplying the best products available and offering comprehensive advice and care information.

Find everything you require for your new or existing exotic pet with our range of starter kits, vivariums, décor, substrates, specialist equipment and foods. If you have any questions or comments, drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

Exo Terra Waterfall (Running water for your exotic pet)
Exo Terra WaterfallRunning water for your exotic petPrices from£29.24
The new pebble design of the Exo Terra Waterfall brings the natural look of a small, cascading stream into your living room.
Repashy Calcium Plus LOD (Vitamin and calcium supplement)
Repashy Calcium Plus LODVitamin and calcium supplementPrices from£9.99
The Repashy Calcium Plus LOD is an all-in-one Calcium Supplement with added Vitamins, trace Minerals, and Carotenoids for species with low Vitamin D requirements that receive moderate UVB radiation from natural or artificial sunlight.
Zoo Med T5 HO ReptiSun 5.0 UVB (High Output Tropical UVB lamp)
Zoo Med T5 HO ReptiSun 5.0 UVBHigh Output Tropical UVB lampPrices from£13.49
The difference between T5 lighting and T8 lighting for reptiles and amphibians cannot be emphasied enough. Zoo Med's T5 High Output range offer both an increase in visible light and UV output compared to older T8 technology.
ProRep Plastic Feeding Tongs (Reptile feeding tongs)
ProRep Plastic Feeding TongsReptile feeding tongsPrices from£2.39
Having a pair of feeding tongs is essential when keeping exotic pets, the ProRep Plastic Feeding Tongs are ideal.
ProRep Live Plant - Living Stone (Lithops species)
ProRep Live Plant - Living StoneLithops speciesPrices from£2.99
Living Stones are named due to them blending in with the surrounding rocks and pebbles. Looking like a stone prevents this plant from being eaten in the wild.
Microclimate Ministat 300 (For heat mats)
Microclimate Ministat 300For heat matsPrices from£30.99
On/Off thermostats should be used for controlling the temperature of non-light emitting heat sources only. Maximum load of 300w.

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Wednesday 13 July 2016

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Tuesday 14 June 2016

We will be attending this weekends IHS show at Doncaster Racecourse with a range of livefood, supplies and inverts.

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