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Dragons for sale

Dragons are a very popular type of lizard, from Bearded Dragons to Green Iguanas.

Bearded Dragon PhotoAvailable to Order

Bearded Dragon
Pogona vitticeps

Bearded Dragons are found only throughout Australia. They are a large species growing to a total length of 15-24 inches when adult.

Brown Basilisk PhotoAvailable to Order

Brown Basilisk
Basiliscus vittatus

The Brown Basilisk is also known as the Jesus Lizard due to their ability to run on water without sinking. They are native to Panama, Belize, northwestern Colombia and Costa Rica, also been introduced into other US states.

Green Basilisk PhotoAvailable to Order

Green Basilisk
Basiliskus plumifrons

These bright green lizards are an arboreal species that are found in dense rainforests of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Columbia and Panama.

Ocellated Uromastyx PhotoAvailable to Order

Ocellated Uromastyx
Uromastyx ocellatus

The Ocellated Uromastyx or Ocellated Dab-tailed Lizard as it is also known is a spiny tailed lizard that lives in arid desert regions, within rocky areas.

Star Agama PhotoAvailable to Order

Star Agama
Laudakia stellio

These lizards are normally found basking in the rocky habitats of Northeast Africa and Southwest Asia. They are quite shy, but make great display animals.

Water Dragon PhotoAvailable to Order

Water Dragon
Physignathus cocincinus

Water Dragons like to relax by lying on branches above water. They require a large enclosure with a nice sized water area.

Australian Water Dragon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Australian Water Dragon
Physignathus lesueurii

Female Australian Water Dragons can reach approx. 2 feet, males tend to be larger at 3 feet, this includes their tail. They are native to Eastern Australia from Victoria north to Queensland, there is also a small population in the South-East coast of the

Beaver Tailed Agama PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Beaver Tailed Agama
Xenagama batilifera

The Xenagama species are from Ethiopia and Somalia, they are even found up to 2000m above sea level. Their habitat is well known for its massive rocks, steep cliffs and deep canyons. They live in the grasslands, savannas, deserts and volcanic areas.

Bells Dab Lizard PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Bells Dab Lizard
Uromastyx acanthinura

The Bells Dab Lizard may also be known as a Bells Spiny Lizard; this is an Uromastyx species that reaches 30-40cm. Once warmed up, this lizard has an orange, red, yellow and even green colour body with black flecks.

Black Necked Tree Agama PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Black Necked Tree Agama
Acanthocercus cyanogaster

The Black Necked Tree Agama is a colourful species. Displaying males have a greenish white, blue or turquoise head and throat. Average size is 20-30cm.

Blue Headed Tree Agama PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Blue Headed Tree Agama
Agama atricollis

The Blue Headed Tree Agama is a very large agama, reaching a maximum length of 15 inches.

Chuckwalla PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Sauromalis sp.

The Chuckwalla is large ground dwelling lizard that spends most of its time basking on rocks. They reach sizes of 400mm (16 inch) and are herbivorous, feeding on plant matter.

Club Tailed Iguana PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Club Tailed Iguana
Ctenosaura quinquecarinata

Commonly known as the Club Tailed Iguana or Five Keeled Spiny-tailed Iguana. These lizards grow to a length of up to 35cm and are found in subtropical and tropical dry forest in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Desert Iguana PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Desert Iguana
Dipsosaurus dorsalis

Desert Iguanas live in hot arid, sandy areas of Mojave and Sonoran deserts of southeastern California, southern Nevada and western Arizona. They are a medium sized lizard reaching a total length of 16 inches.

Egyptian Uromastyx PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Egyptian Uromastyx
Uromastyx aegypticus

This is the largest species of Uromastyx, reaching at least 30 inches. You must provide a large enclosure between 5-6ft when adult.

Forest Tree Dragon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Forest Tree Dragon
Gonocephalus kuhlii

The Forest Tree Dragon can be found within the humid forests of Indonesia. This lizard can reach a total length of 40cm head to tip of tail.

Frilled Neck Dragon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Frilled Neck Dragon
Chlamydosaurus kingii

Frilled Neck Dragons live within Australia and New Guinea. They are one of the most spectacular looking lizards when in display, holding out a flap of skin around their neck.

Green Headed Agama PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Green Headed Agama
Agama species

Typical Agama appearance with green colouration on their heads. Adults reach a size of 33 to 38cm head to tip of tail, they can be kept in groups.

Green Iguana PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Green Iguana
Iguana iguana

Green Iguanas reach an adult size of 4-7ft. This is not a beginner pet, research recommended.

Green Mountain Horned Dragon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Green Mountain Horned Dragon
Acanthosaura lepidogaster

Green Mountain Horned Dragons live throughout rain forests of Burma, Northern Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Southern China and the Island of Hainan.

Green Tree Dragon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Green Tree Dragon
Bronchocela jubata

The Green Tree Dragon is found living within low shrubs or trees in Indonesia. They are a lovely colour, some specimens being a vivid green with lighter markings around the head on body, they reach 55cm.

Helmeted Iguana or Forest Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Helmeted Iguana or Forest Chameleon
Corytophanes cristata

The Helmeted Iguana ranges from Southern Mexico through Central America to Northeastern Columbia in the tropical rainforests.

Lesser Tree Agama PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Lesser Tree Agama
Pseudocalotes tympanistriga

Not much information is available for the Lesser Tree Agama, but we know these reach an adult size of 20 to 25cm. The colour can range from shades of green to brown, with dark specks along the body.

Madagascan Collared Iguana PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Madagascan Collared Iguana
Oplurus cuvieri

The Madagascan Collared Iguana is the largest of its family reaching between 12 and 15 inches. They are also known as Madagascan Spiny Tailed Iguanas.

Moroccan Uromastyx PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Moroccan Uromastyx
Uromastyx acanthinura nigriventris

The Moroccan Uromastyx is a medium to large species reaching an adult length of 35-40cm. As adults, they can have striking colours ranging in yellow to orange bodies.

Mountain Horned Dragon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Mountain Horned Dragon
Acanthosaura capra

Mountain Horned Dragons are full of character and can easily be tamed down with a little time and patience. These beautiful creatures make an extremely good species for the novice and also the more experienced keeper.

Painted Dragon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Painted Dragon
Laudakia stellio brachydactyla

The Painted Dragon has a similar appearance to the well known Bearded Dragon, they even tame down in a short period of time making them a good species to own.

Rankins Dragon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Rankins Dragon
Pogona henrylawsoni

The Rankins Dragons is a smaller species to the Bearded Dragon, reaching a total length of 12 inch. These are ideal for beginners who do not have the space for a large vivarium that is required with the Bearded Dragon.

Red Headed Agama PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Red Headed Agama
Agama agama

The Red Headed Agama is named due to the colour of its head, which is a red to orange colour. They live in groups consisting of one dominate male with several females and younger not dominate males.

Saharan Uromastyx PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Saharan Uromastyx
Uromastyx geyri

The Saharan Uromastyx is one of the brightest coloured Uromastyx ranging from yellow to red. They reach an average size of 28-35cm and have a nice docile nature.

Shield Tailed Agama PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Shield Tailed Agama
Xenagama taylori

The Shield Tailed Agama is a lizard found in Somalia and Ethiopia. It lives on arid flatland where they dig deep burrows. As it is a small lizard it uses it's tail to block it's burrow from predators at night.

Striped Water Dragon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Striped Water Dragon
Lophognathus temporalis

Striped Water Dragons are from Indonesia and also occur in North West Australia. Males reach an adult size of around 18 inch, females are slightly smaller.

Sudan Uromastyx PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Sudan Uromastyx
Uromastyx dispar

Reaching lengths of 14-16 inches, the Sudan Uromastyx will require a 4ft vivarium when adult. Their colour can range from yellow, orange or brown.

Three Eyed Madagascan Iguana PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Three Eyed Madagascan Iguana
Chalarodon madagascariensis

The Three Eyed Madagascan Iguana is named due to the prominent third eye on top of the head. These come from semi-arid areas consisting of hot, open sands; a large enclosure is required.

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