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Water Dragon

Water Dragon
Physignathus cocincinus

Water Dragons like to relax by lying on branches above water. They require a large enclosure with a nice sized water area.

OriginSouth-East Asia
Adult Size31-32inches
Lifespan10 Years +

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What does a Water Dragon look like?

Adults can reach a body size of 20-25cm (8-10 inches), they measure 80cm (31.5 inches) with the tail. While young they range in shades of greens, usually olive to dark green with some diagonal light green stripes. As they mature, the colour lightens and a dorsal comb runs down the back and tail. Their long tail is striped and they have large heads with big yellow eyes.

Where are Water Dragons from?

They can be found in tropical rain forests throughout much of South-East Asia. They are a tree dwelling species, but live close to the water.

Are Water Dragons easy to keep?

You must provide Water Dragons with a large enclosure and water area. The water must be extremely clean and well filtered. Plenty of branches must be provided, as Water Dragons love to lie on a branch above the water.

Depending on how many Water Dragons you’re keeping, a 6x2x2 foot enclosure is a minimum size needed for one male and two females, the more space you can provide the better. You must provide a heat spot for each animal, ideally above a branch for basking. This should be 40C (104F) with the background temperature between 28-32C (82.4-89.6F). They require a high humidity of 80-90%, this can be maintained by placing a mister or fog machine in the enclosure.

Water Dragons feed on a range of insects, mice, earthworms, slugs and snails. It has been know to feed them on tinned cat food, we would only recommend this as a treat rather than a staple diet. They will also take a small amount of fruit and vegetables, in the wild this consists of 25% of their diet.

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