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Green Mountain Horned Dragon
Acanthosaura lepidogaster

Also, known as forest dragons or pricklenape lizards. These arboreal lizards spend much of their time off the ground on tree trunks or sat on branches.

OriginSoutheast Asia
EnvironmentHigh elevation with dense vegetation
Adult SizeUp to 30cm
LifespanUp to 10 years

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What does a Green Mountain Horned Dragon look like?

A medium sized lizard, with adults reaching a size around 30cm (12") snout to vent. They have a row of spines starting from behind the head which run along their spine. 

Predominantly Acanthosaura sp. have a green to olive brown base colouration, but A. lepidogaster are known to get much brighter and contrasting colours of black, green, yellow and even white. 

Males are known to be the larger of the two sexes, and develop a short spine over each eye and often have brighter colouration.

Where are Green Mountain Horned Dragons from?

In the wild these lizards are found in areas of high elevation with dense vegetation. They have a wide distribution throughout southeast Asia, including countries such as; Cambodia Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. 

How do you keep Green Mountain Horned Dragons?

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