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Starred Agama

Starred Agama
Stellagama stellio

These lizards are normally found basking in the rocky habitats of Northeast Africa and Southwest Asia. They are quite shy, but make great display animals.

OriginNorth East Africa
EnvironmentSemi desert / Rocky regions
Adult Size 30-35cm
Lifespan12 Years +

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What do Starred Agamas look like?

Starred agamas really are a super cool and colourful species of agama growing to around 30-35cm (12-14 inch) once fully mature. If handled from young they do often become quite tame. Both males and females of this species tend to be grey bodied with yellow/orange spot like markings running along their backs and sometimes down the side of their body. Starred Agamas are known to slightly change their colouration depending on the surrounding temperatures and their mood, example, cold temperatures the lizards will display darker colourations, warm temperatures the lizards will be brighter.

Where are Starred Dragons from?

Starred Dragons originate from semi desert and rocky regions of European countries such as Turkey, Cyprus, Greece and Western Asia. They have also recently been introduced to Malta too. Due to their appearance and nature to live around rocky areas Starred Agamas are also known as Rough Tailed Rock Agamas.

How do you keep Starred Agamas?

Starred Agamas should be kept pretty much the same as you would house a Bearded Dragon. A 4ft vivarium is recommended for housing more than one of this species or you can get away with a 3ft vivarium for one Starred Agama. Females of this species can be housed together provided there is enough room for them to have their own space. Males should not be housed together to prevent any fighting.

A sand/soil substrate is the most natural for this species and will allow them to express natural behaviours. Rocks and logs should also be placed in the bottom of the vivarium to allow climbing and hiding spaces. This will also help keep their nails fairly trimmed too.

As this species is active during the day a 10.0 UVB T5 or T8 strip bulb should be used to provide them with proper lighting and UVB output.

In their natural environment temperatures can reach as high as 35-45C (95-113F), so a high wattage basking bulb connected to a dimming thermostat should be used to help maintain a steady basking spot. The ambient air temperature should remain around 22-25C (71.6-77F) with a night time drop of 18-22C (64.4-71.6F). Providing your house is warm all lights can be switched off at night however if the home temperatures fall, we would recommend a low wattage night light or ceramic heater to help keep the vivarium warm.

For water and also to help keep a little humidity make sure to provide your Starred Agama with at least a medium-sized water dish in the enclosure for them to drink and even sometimes lay in. Starred Agamas can often make their water bowls mucky by walking through them throughout the day so make sure to provide fresh water on a regular basis. Daily misting has also proven beneficial in maintaining humidity levels.

Starred Agamas are primarily insectivores and will happily eat a variety of appropriate size livefoods including Crickets, Locusts, Roaches, Mealworms and many more. Leafy greens and fruit can occasionally be offered however not all Starred Agamas will eat them if they’re not used to it. 

Always make sure to dust your Agamas food with a good Reptile Calcium and Vitamin powder at least 2-3 times a week.

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