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HabiStat Twin Thermostat

HabiStat Twin Thermostat
For heating two devices

This product is simply two temperature thermostats in one box and is suitable for use with a non-light emitting heat source. Maximum load of 300w per channel.

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What are HabiStat Twin Thermostats used for?

Thermostats are devices which safeguard your pet and using them prevents any risk of equipment overheating, it also gives you full control over enclosure temperatures. These devices are really useful when operating more than one heating device on a vivarium or rack.

This thermostat works in a identical manner to the HabiStat Temperature Thermostat operating as an on/off device, which simply means they switch off when they reach the desired temperature, and switch themselves back on again when the temperature starts to drop.

These devices have two dial knobs (one for each channel) which can easily be twisted with your fingers to the desired operating temperature.

Probe position is important and varies depending on the type of equipment you are using with the thermostat, the product manufacturer encloses additional instructions advising on the best position in each situation.

Our thoughts on using HabiStat Twin Thermostats

Like other On/Off thermostats such as HabiStat Mat Stats or Temperature Thermostats, they should only be used with heat mats and ceramic heaters. If you're looking for something to use with basking bulbs, please see dimming thermostats.

We would advise not to rely 100% on the calibration setting of any thermostat, this can vary depending on the probe position and it's good husbandry practice to manually check the temperature with a digital thermometer.

  • Use with heat mats and ceramic heaters only
  • Controls temperatures up to 32C
  • LED lights during operation
  • Maximum load 300w (per channel)
  • 5 years manufactures warranty