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HabiStat Cool Control

HabiStat Cool Control
Airflow management

These thermostats are commonly used with cooling fans and work the opposite way to a traditional on/off device. Maximum load of 300w.

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What are HabiStat Cool Control Thermostats used for?

Cool control thermostats are very different to most devices on the market and work the opposite way to an ordinary On/Off thermostat. They work by switching on the power when they reach the designated set temperature and then switch off again once the temperature has fallen. This is especially useful when used with products like HabiStat Mini Fans when the aim is to prevent overheating. 

Our thoughts on using HabiStat Cool Control Thermostats

Whilst not a commonly used device they do have some use for larger vivaria or even when heating larger spaces like small rooms. If you're not using this thermostat in conjunction with the HabiStat Mini Fan we'd advise caution with anything that has variable speed control.

  • Best used with cooling fans
  • Controls temperatures up to 32C
  • LED lights during operation
  • Maximum load 300w
  • 5 years manufactures warranty