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Newts and Salamanders for sale

Although we do not have many species in this section, we will be having more in the near future. This will be the area to purchase different species of Newts and Salamanders.

Axolotl PhotoAvailable to Order

Ambystoma mexicanum

Axolotls are large aquatic salamanders only found in parts of Mexico. They are easy to keep and grow to an impressive 30cm, making the Axolotl a popular exotic pet.

Fire Salamander PhotoAvailable to Order

Fire Salamander

The Fire Salamander is Europes most well known species. They have black bodies with bright yellow markings. They are active during the evening and night in search for small insects.

Marbled Salamander PhotoAvailable to Order

Marbled Salamander
Ambystoma opacum

The Marbled Salamander is small, reaching an adult size of 8 to 11cm. The body is dark grey to black with white or silvery grey bands.

Sharp Ribbed Newt PhotoAvailable to Order

Sharp Ribbed Newt
Pleurodeles waltl

The Sharp Ribbed Newt is the largest european newt reaching upto 300mm in the wild, but averages out at 150-200mm in captivity.

Tiger Salamander PhotoAvailable to Order

Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma tigrinum

Tiger Salamanders to me are strange looking amphibians. They have eyes that seem to pop put of their head, and a large grinning smile. Brightly coloured with black and yellow marks, makes them very attractive.

Alpine Newt PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Alpine Newt
Ichthyosaura alpestris alpestris

The Alpine Newt is one of the larger species within this family reaching a length of 10-12cm, males are smaller. Females are drab looking whereas males are brightly coloured during courtship.

Cantabrian Fire Salamander PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Cantabrian Fire Salamander
Salamandra salamandra bernadezi

The Cantabrian Fire Salamander is found in parts of Northern Spain. Each individual varies in colour from black body with orange/yellow patterning to a brown/orange body with a few darker markings.

Chinese Fire Bellied Newt PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Chinese Fire Bellied Newt
Cynops orientalis

The Chinese Fire Bellied Newt is a small 6 to 10 cm long aquatic newt, although land areas must be provided.

Common Mudpuppy PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Common Mudpuppy
Necturus maculosus

The Common Mudpuppy reaches an adult size of around 33cm, however a size of 43cm has been reported. They are fully aquatic and become active at night in search for food such as earthworms, snails, insects and fish.

Eastern Newt PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Eastern Newt
Notophthalmus viridescens

The Eastern Newt reaching an adult size of 4-5 inches and varies in colour depending on the age of the animal. Adults tend to be olive to brownish green with red spots and juveniles are red orange to yellow with spots.

Eastern Tiger Salamander PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Eastern Tiger Salamander
Ambystoma tigrum

Eastern Tiger Salamander are a large dark salamander with yellow spots along the body. In the Larva stage, they are also know as Water Dogs.

Italian Alpine Newt PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Italian Alpine Newt
Triturus alpestris apuanus

The Italian Alpine Newt is a small 10cm long mainly aquatic newt. They inhabit northern Italy, spending most of their life in cool ponds.

Italian Crested Newt PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Italian Crested Newt
Triturus carnifex

These Italian Crested Newts reach an adult size of 15-17cm (6-6.5 inches). During breeding season the males have a high crest thats runs along their back.

Japanese Fire Bellied Newt PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Japanese Fire Bellied Newt
Cynops pyrrhogaster

The Japanese Fire Bellied Newt is a hardy and easy to maintain aquatic species. They are a small growing to an adult length of 8 to 12cm.

Marbled Newt PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Marbled Newt
Triturus marmoratus

Marbled newts have a black/brown colour base with an irregular pattern of green all over. Mature marbled newt females have orange stripes running down their bodies and males have a crest and no stripe.

Northern Banded Newt PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Northern Banded Newt
Ommatotriton ophryticus

The Northern Banded Newt male has to be one of the most bizarre yet stunning newt during the breeding season. Easy to keep and breed, this species is a must in anyones collection.

Paddle Tailed Newt PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Paddle Tailed Newt
Pachytriton labiatus

The Paddle Tailed Newt has been given its name due to its large flat looking tail. They are a large aquatic newt that reaches a size of between 14-19cm, males being smaller than females.

Red Backed Salamander PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Red Backed Salamander
Plethodon cinereus

Red Backed Salamanders can be found in leaf litter, under rocks or logs in Eastern North America. They can reach lengths of 60-120mm.

Slimy Salamander PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Slimy Salamander
Plethodon glutinosus

The Slimy Salamander is black in colour with white/silver specks. They are found throughout the Eastern and central United States.

Small Mouthed Salamander PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Small Mouthed Salamander
Ambystoma texanum

The name for the Smal-Mouthed Salamander is due to the size of its mouth. This is small compared to its body and the lower jar protrudes. Adults reach a length between 110-175mm.

Southern Pygmy Marbled Newt PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Southern Pygmy Marbled Newt
Triturus pygmaeus

Southern Pygmy Marbled Newt have a green body with brown/black markings, males have a small crest. They are found in South-west Spain and southern Portugal.

Southern Two-Lined Salamander PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Southern Two-Lined Salamander
Eurycea cirrigera

The Southern Two-Lined Salamander is a golden colour with two dark lines running down the side of the body, they reach a length of 60-110mm.

Spotted Salamander PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Spotted Salamander
Ambystoma maculatum

The Spotted Salamander has a dark body with yellow spots, they reach an adult size of 11 to 20cm. They are found in moist areas of Southern Canada to Northern Florida.

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