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Milk Snakes for sale

Milk Snakes are brightly coloured and reach a nice size of approx. 3ft. These make ideal pet snakes and should definitely be added to any collection.

Honduran Milk Snake PhotoAvailable to Order

Honduran Milk Snake
Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis

Honduran milk snakes average around five feet in length and are varied in colour including a naturally occurring tangerine form. They inhabit rainforests of Honduras, Nicaragua and areas of North East Costa Rica.

Pueblan Milk Snake PhotoAvailable to Order

Pueblan Milk Snake
Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli

Pueblan Milk Snakes are banded with bright colours, this makes them an attractive species to own. They are shy and prefer to have small, tight hides to curl up in.

Mexican Milk Snake PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Mexican Milk Snake
Lampropeltis triangulum annulata

The Mexican milk snake has distinct red, black and cream colored banding. The colour can differ depending on the locality however, and in some areas the snake may have more yellow or orange. They grow to approximately 70-80cm in length.

Nelsons Milk Snake PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Nelsons Milk Snake
Lampropeltis triangulum nelsoni

Nelson's Milk Snakes have thin black and white rings with wide red bands.

Sinaloan Milk Snake PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Sinaloan Milk Snake
Lampropeltis triangulum sinaloae

Sinaloan Milk Snakes have predominately a blood red appearance with distinctive black and cream/yellow rings. Adults generally reach around the 120cm mark. These snakes inhabit the dry, arid and rocky semi-desert regions in the Southwest.

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