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Mexican Black Kingsnake

Mexican Black Kingsnake
Lampropeltis getula nigritus

Mexican Black Kingsnake are just that, all Black. They make an ideal beginner snake, however, do need regular handling when young.

OriginNorth America
Adult Size3-5ft

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What do Mexican Black King Snakes Look Like?

Mexican Black King Snakes are the crème de la crème of the colubridae species. These snakes are 5ft of pure jet black beauty from head to tail. Their stunning dark appearance also gives them a beautiful sheen like glow.

Where do Mexican Black King Snakes Come From?

Mexican Blacks can be found amongst the Sonora Desert in North America as well as Mexico and parts of Arizona. They seem to thrive in rocky areas with lush vegetation where they hunt for small rodents in burrows. As well as eating rodents Mexican Blacks also eat other snake species, in particular Rattle snakes are often on the menu. It seems these fascinating species have built up intolerance to Rattle snake venom.

How do I keep Mexican Black King Snakes?

Housing a Mexican Black King Snake is quite simple. You will need a 3 or 4ft vivarium depending on the adult size. Babies can be housed in something smaller to start with like one of our Hatchling Starter Kits which includes all essential equipment. One thing to remember is always house King snakes alone.

Juvenile or adult Mexican Blacks can be kept easily on either Aspen or Lignocel for easy cleaning purposes or if you want more of a natural looking set up, desert sand mixed with coco fibre or bio life would be ideal. Plastic or ceramic caves make great hides and can be covered with substrate to replicate the look of a burrow. Branches, natural log hides and vines can be used to cover some floor space and also provide climbing enrichment. A humid hide or humid area on one side of the enclosure will be beneficial for when the snake goes into blue (shed). Live or sphagnum moss is best to use to keep the humidity, if you just lightly mist the moss every couple of days. Humidity should remain around 40-60% any higher or lower can cause shedding or respiratory issues. A digital or analogue humidity gauge can be used to keep an eye on the humidity levels.

Heating Mexican Black King Snakes can be achieved either via the use of a heat mat connected to a thermostat or a heat light or ceramic bulb inside the enclosure connected to a pulse or dimming thermostat. When using heat bulbs always cover the light with a heat guard to prevent the snake burning itself on the light.

The ambient day time temperatures should be around 26-29C (78-85F) with a night time drop around 21-24C (69-75F). Digital thermometers are great to use to check the temperatures as they can be easily moved around the enclosure and give minimum and maximum temperature reading.

We recommend weekly feeding for juveniles and adults and feeding twice a week for babies as they do have ravenous appetites. Although they do eat snakes in the wild Mexican Black can survive perfectly well on a rodent based diet. If you are unsure on what size food you need feel free to call us for advice.


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