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HabiStat Pulse Proportional Thermostat Day/Night

HabiStat Pulse Proportional Thermostat Day/Night
For night-time temperature drops

Works identical to the ordinary HabiStat Pulse Proportional Thermostat but with the addition of a night sensor probe. Maximum load of 600w.

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What are HabiStat Pulse Proportional Thermostat Day/Night used for?

Like all thermostats they are designed to protect your animal and give you greater control of your vivarium temperatures. These thermostats are superior to ordinary on/off thermostats and are best used with ceramic heaters or heat mats.

These thermostats work by providing a constant warmth by pulsating at the desired temperature. The main difference between this thermostat and the ordinary HabiStat Pulse Proportional Thermostat is the day/night function. These stats possess an additional probe with built in night eye, the benefit being that you can control and replicate a nighttime temperature drop just like your pet would have in its native environment.

These devices have two control knobs which can be twisted with your fingers to the desired operating temperature, one for the main thermostat, and another for the nighttime option.

Probe position is important and varies depending on the type of equipment you are using with the thermostat. The product manufacturer encloses additional instructions advising on the best position in each situation.

Our thoughts on using HabiStat Pulse Proportional Thermostat Day/Night

These thermostats are convenient and have advantages over the more basic model with the addition of the nighttime sensor probe. HabiStat thermostats are renowned in the UK hobby for their quality and accuracy.

We would advise not to rely 100% on the calibration setting of any thermostat, this can vary depending on the probe position and it's good husbandry practice to manually check the temperature with a digital thermometer.

  • Use with heat mats and ceramic heaters only
  • Day/Night function
  • Controls temperatures up to 32C
  • LED lights during operation
  • Maximum load 600w
  • 5 years manufactures warranty
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