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Help and Frequent Questions

Delivery: Can I arrange a collection?

Once you have paid for your order, a day and time must be arranged before visiting us. This is important as we may not have all of the stock on site, and we don't want to send you home disappointed. See how the website works for more information. 

Exotic-Pets.co.uk is not an easy place to find if you haven't been before. Please ask us for directions. 

Delivery: Dispatching livestock

Extreme weather conditions can prevent orders being dispatched on time. Our policy, is not to send out any animals if temperatures are dropping well below 5℃ (freezing temperatures). If you can not wait for more suitable delivery conditions, a full refund will be given.

Reptiles and amphibians are shipped in suitable containers within insulated poly boxes. Inverts are normally placed into outer cartons. Disposable heat packs are used when required, this keeps them warm on their journey to you.

Delivery: Do you ship outside the UK?

International shipping is something that is under consideration and will most likely be available in the future.

Delivery: How much is delivery?


Prices start from £2.95 for smaller standard delivery items. Heavier and bulkier items often have to be shipped by couriers and the cost may increase. Currently we are shipping orders free above £59.00.




Prices start from £44.95; this will vary depending on where you live in the UK.


Price are fixed at £8.95 for this service.

Delivery: Which delivery service do I require?

So you have been looking through our site and an Exotic Pet has caught your eye. You may be asking yourself, which delivery service should I use? Each exotic pet will need to be delivered in the safest way possible so we have put them into delivery categories:

  • Inverts - Royal Mail Special Delivery 1pm
  • Amphibians - Hand delivered or TNT Noon
  • Reptiles - Hand delivered or TNT Next Day
  • Live Foods - 1st Class Post
  • Frozen Foods - Royal Mail Special Delivery 1pm or TNT Noon
  • Dried Goods - 1st Class Post, Special Delivery 1pm or TNT Next Day

If you have ordered a Reptile or Amphibian that requires TNT, you will not be able to degrade your delivery to a Special Delivery. If you require this before 9am you can upgrade the TNT delivery as follows:

Delivery Upgrade

If you are purchasing dried good such as plastic tanks, books etc these will always show as 1st Class Post, but again you can upgrade to a Special Delivery or TNT if you wish.

If you have paid for your order and then realise you have clicked the wrong delivery service don't panic - email or call us ASAP and we will refund your account with Pet Points and correct the delivery. If we feel like you have clicked the wrong delivery option we will email/call you before shipping your order. Unfortunately, if the order has already been dispatched, you will still have to pay for the option you chose.

Delivery: Which postcodes are classed as Scottish Highlands

We have listed all the postcode areas which require the United Kingdom (Scottish Highlands).

  • KW1 to 14
  • IV - all
  • PA34, 37, 38, 39
  • PH19 to 26, 30 to 40, 49, 50
  • TH41

Due to some remote areas, this service is NOT guaranteed Next Day Delivery, although TNT aim to delivery next day. Delivery may take a few days, therefore we cannot guarantee live arrival and this would be at your own risk! Alternatively, contact us for a Same Day TNT Delivery.

Delivery: Yesterday I paid for Next Day Delivery, so where is my order?

We aim to dispatch all on site items within 1-4 working days from receipt of your order payment authorisation, but please allow 10 working days for any off site items to be processed.

Companies legally have 30 days to dispatch your order; the deadlines above are our self-set estimates and easily met on most orders.

For more information, please read: How the Exotic-Pets.co.uk website works

General: Can I see a list of pets and supplies available to order?

A lot of time and effort goes in to keeping our stock levels, and the stock levels of our suppliers current on this site.

As requested by some of our web users - we have listed all the stock that is currently available to order. See our Exotic pets available to order page.

General: Do you have a license to sell exotic pets?

All retailers need to have a license to sell any vertebrates from a shop or online.

General: Do you have a shop I can visit?

If you would like to meet us and see some of the live stock we sell, keep an eye on our News and Events page. We attend various show around the UK.

If you have any concerns regarding ordering from us, please read what some of our customers have to say.

General: How do you guarantee healthy pets?

We do not send out any exotic pet if we have any indication it is not 100% healthy. If we have concerns regarding an animal we are more unfamiliar with, we consult our vast social network of experts and breeders for advice.

The health and well-being of the pets we supply is of uppermost importance to us. Read what some of our customers say.


General: I am thinking of buying an exotic pet - what do you recommend?

Different exotic pets suit different people.

Do you want to handle your new pet?
Do you want a pet that will be active in the day or night?

…the fact is, if you are asking this question - you are not ready to own a new pet.

General: Iíve just changed my email address, could you update your records?

We do not store your personal details on our computer for security reasons. We respect your privacy and your details are only used to process your orders or contact you with your consent.


General: What are Pet Points?

For more information on how the Pet Points work, please see: http://www.exotic-pets.co.uk/pet-points.php

General: When will a species be back in stock?

Each species that is out of stock has an area for you to submit your email address. Soon as the species is back-in-stock you will be automatically notified by email.

You can see a full list of pets available to order at: http://www.exotic-pets.co.uk/exotic-pets-in-stock.php

General: Why do you sell wild caught animals?

Exotic-Pets.co.uk use some of the best pet shop suppliers within the UK. They are all fully licensed wholesalers.

Fact is our suppliers supply most UK pet shops, the question is; wouldn't you rather know if the exotic pet you're buying is wild caught, captive bred, captive farmed, captive hatched or long term captive?

"...it makes a change to see a website (or shop for that matter) that is honest and open about where their animals come from ...if only all reptile/pet shops were as honest." Darren E, Huntingdon

See the testimonials page for more customer feedback or our Order Survey Results.

General: Why does it take so long for you to reply to my email?

The sheer amount of email can take us up to a full working day to reply to. The contact form is split into three sections.

  • General Enquiry - for any enquiry that does not need an immediate answer.
  • Sales Enquiry - for stock, trade and sales email (if you want to buy from or sell to us)
  • Order Enquiry - strictly related to placed orders. You MUST include your order number to guarantee a quick response.

Please note; if you state the wrong Enquiry Type - it will delay your reply. Remember, you can always call us on 01246 568390.

Order: Can a specify the sex of my new exotic pet?

If you need a specific sexed pet, then please request this in your notes. However, if the dropdown option is not available, then it is unlikely you can choose. This could be for several reason, one of which being the age of the pet.

Order: How do I check my delivery status?

Once an order has been placed you can check the order status by logging in My Account > View My Orders.

Your account is up-dated the day your order has been dispatched, details and any reference numbers will be displayed in Admin Notes. An e-mail is automatically sent to notify you of any order status changes.

Order: I have just receive my new pet, what should I do next?

If you own other reptiles, we always recommend to quarantine any new pets ideally for three months and treat for internal/external parasites. This is mainly for Wild Collected (WC) animals as most species of lizards do have external parasites and/or worms.

Although we do our best to treat animals, it is down to you as the new owner to carry on treatment. If you are unsure, please ask and we will advise which product is best for the species in question.

Leave you new pet for at least two weeks to settle before handling - this is important to some snakes as this can put them off feeding if still young.

Any questions, please contact us, we are happy to help and advise.

Order: I'm not happy with my order, what do I do?

So, you have received your new exotic pet, but you are not 100% happy with it. If this is the case, you must contact us within 24hr from signing the paper work via the contact form (Order Enquiry) or call us. We will then come to an agreement to either replace or refund when we have received the stock back.

If you receive a Dead On Arrival (DOA), again you must contact us immediatly on the above! We will then replace/refund once we have either receive the dead exotic or seen a photo within 24hrs.

Order: I've just placed an order, when will I receive it?

Once you have placed and paid for an order with Exotic-Pets.co.uk, you can check the progress by logging into my account - my orders - and clicking on the appropriate order. We will leave you an estimated delivery date with a TNT or Royal Mail Reference number so you may track this (unless this is being sent via 1st class a delivery date will only be given).

If we have the items on site, your order will be dispatched within 1-4 working days. Some items need ordering from our supplier like fresh food, dried goods and most of our livestock, we only keep a small amount on site.

If we need to order anything from our suppliers, please allow 10 working days.

For more information, please read: How the Exotic-Pets.co.uk website works

Order: Why is it taking so long to process my order?

In Stock donates the pet or product is available from our suppliers.  We need to order in most of the pets or products listed, we then take the time to monitor the pet’s health and well-being.

On Site means that we have it with us and it is ready to send out immediately .

All pets and products are subject to availability. For a full list of exotic pets in stock and currently available to order; see: http://www.exotic-pets.co.uk/exotic-pets-in-stock.php

Order: Why is payment taken before I receive my order?

Exotic-Pets.co.uk do not take or store you card details directly, therefore have to take payment at checkout stage. We use a company called Protx (http://www.protx.com/) who provide a secure online credit card and debit card payment system.

Once you have confirmed payment details at checkout, Protx proceed to take the amount from your bank account. This is debited immediately, but may take a few days to show in your account.

Can't find the answer to your question? Contact us

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