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Chocolate Millipedes

Chocolate Millipedes
Unknown species

The Chocolate Millipede can reach sizes of 20cm. They are a popular species due to them being hardy.

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What does a Chocolate Millipede look like?

The Chocolate Millipede is a typical looking millipede with a long round body and a pair of legs per segment. Their body colouration is chocolate brown, (this is how they got their common name) and the legs are a pink/brown colour. Reaching an adult size of approximately 20cm (8 inch), they are similar to the African Giant Black Millipede.

Where are Chocolate Millipedes from?

They live within leaf litter on the forest floor throughout most of Africa.

How do you keep Chocolate Millipedes?

You need to provide a adult pair of Chocolate Millipedes with an enclosure size of at least 60x40x40cm . Place a layer of leaf litter on the bottom, the a layer of peat then another layer of leaf litter and rotting wood. Being a ground dweller, millipedes hide during the day under stones and fallen timber, they are active at night when searching for foods. Provide a temperature of 20-26C (68-78.8F) and spray half of the enclosure a few times a week to keep humidity level at 60-75%. If the humidity is high enough, the millipedes may be seen during the day.

Chocolate Millipedes eat leaf matter and rotting wood from the following trees; ash, maple, birch, beech and oak. They will also eat fibre-rich manure, vegetables, fruit (loves Banana), some raw potato, pasta, all manner of pet food and some occasional meat. Remove any uneaten food preferably each day, to prevent mould.

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