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Chameleons for sale

Chameleons are some of the most interesting lizards you can own.

Yemen Chameleon PhotoAvailable to Order

Yemen Chameleon
Chamaeleo calyptratus

The Yemen or Veiled Chameleon as its also known, is one of the best reptiles for beginners. However this species still requires an amount of specialist care.

Bearded Pygmy Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Bearded Pygmy Chameleon
Rhampholeon brevicaudatus

The Bearded Pygmy Chameleon is a small species growing to a maximum size of 8cm. They have two large lobes on their chin, giving them their name.

Crested Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Crested Chameleon
Chamaeleo cristatus

The Crested Chameleon is a medium sized chameleon that requires a very high humidity level and a well planted enclosure.

Elliots Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Elliots Chameleon
Chamaeleo ellioti

The Elliots Chameleon is a small species reaching 17-22cm, head to tip of tail. They range in colour from vivid blue, green or brown with orange or yellow flanks.

Fischers Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Fischers Chameleon
Kinyongia fischeri

The Fischers Chameleon also known as the Two Horned Chameleon. They are medium sized reaching 30-40cm, males being larger.

Flap Neck Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Flap Neck Chameleon
Chamaeleo dilepis

Flap Neck Chameleons are one of the most abundant, inexpensive and commonly imported chameleons.

Four Horned Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Four Horned Chameleon
Chamaeleo quadricornis

The Four Horned Chameleon is a stunning species with males having a large crest and sail fin present along with horns. They are a medium sized chameleons and must be kept in cool conditions.

Green Pygmy Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Green Pygmy Chameleon
Rhampholeon viridis

The Green Pygmy Chameleon is a stunning little species. Very sort after, these green to brown Chameleons thrive at room temperature and in a well plant, humid terrarium.

Jacksons Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Jacksons Chameleon
Trioceros jacksonii jacksonii

The Jackson's Chameleon is one of three recognised subspecies. This species is a medium size chameleon and is famous for it's three horns. They are native to Tanzania and Kenya in East Africa

Kenyan Pygmy Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Kenyan Pygmy Chameleon
Rhampholeon Kerstenii

The Kenyan Pygmy Chameleon can be found living amoung leaf litter on the forest floor and low shurbs.

Mellers Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Mellers Chameleon
Chamaeleo melleri

The Mellers Chameleon is also known as the Giant One Horned Chameleon; this is the largest species of Chameleon in Africa.

Mount Kilimanjaro Two Horned Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Mount Kilimanjaro Two Horned Chameleon
Bradypodion tavetanum

The Mount Kilimanjaro Two Horned Chameleon is among the smaller species reaching approx. 20cm. Males have two horns, a higher dorsal crest and are more colourful.

Nguru Pygmy Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Nguru Pygmy Chameleon
Rhampholeon acuminatus

The Nguru Pygmy Chameleon is an attractive little species reaching an adult size of approx 9 to 11cm. They have a small disc like shape to the tip of the nose, colouration can vary from shades of brown to vivid green.

Panther Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Panther Chameleon
Chamaeleo pardalis

The Panther Chameleon has to be the most stunning and sort after species, especially the males. They are also the second easiest species of Chameleons to own.

Pitless Pygmy Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Pitless Pygmy Chameleon
Rhampholeon nchisiensis

This is a new species to the hobby and is a great little Pygmy Chameleon, they only reach an adult size of 5-7cm. They are a communal species with males and females living together in low vegetation and on the forest floor and among leaf litter.

Rosette Nosed Pygmy Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Rosette Nosed Pygmy Chameleon
Rhampholeon spinosum

The Rosette Nosed Pygmy Chameleon is easily distinguished by the disc like shaped tip to the nasal area and the lichen coloured body. This Pygmy Chameleon is relatively large compared to other pygmy species with adults reaching a size of up to 9cm.

Ruwenzori Side Striped Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Ruwenzori Side Striped Chameleon
Chamaeleo rudis

The Ruwenzori Side Striped Chameleon is a montane species, inhabiting low bushes and grasses of the alpine zone. They are a vivid green in colour and are an ideal species for beginners.

Side Striped Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Side Striped Chameleon
Chamaeleo bitaeniatus

The Side Striped Chameleon ranges from East Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, southern Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and northeastern Congo (Zaire).

Taita Blade-Horned Chameleons PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Taita Blade-Horned Chameleons
Kinyongia boehmei

These chameleons grow to lengths of around 20cm and are endemic to the Taita hills in Kenya, Africa. These are rarely available in the hobby.

Uluguru Pygmy Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Uluguru Pygmy Chameleon
Rhampholeon uluguruensis

The Uluguru Pygmy Chameleon is a small species reaching approx. 5cm. Their colour resembles a wilted leaf with shades of pale to dark brown.

Usambara Pitted Pygmy Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Usambara Pitted Pygmy Chameleon
Rhampholeon temporalis

The Usambara Pitted Pygmy Chameleon is leaf shaped and reaches sizes of 8-9cm. These can be housed in pairs and kept at 22-25C during the day.

Von Hohnels Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Von Hohnels Chameleon
Chamaeleo hoehnelii

The Von Hohnels Chameleon is a hardy species reaching an adult size of 10-17cm. They are found Nairobi, Aberdare Mountains, Mountain Kenya and other parts of Africa.

Yellow Crested Jacksons Chameleon PhotoCurrently Unvailable

Yellow Crested Jacksons Chameleon
Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus

The Yellow Crested Jackson’s Chameleon is the largest of Jackson species reaching an adult size of 18 to 25cm in total length. Three horns are present on males snout, these are lacking in the females.

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