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Von Hohnels Chameleon

Von Hohnels Chameleon
Chamaeleo hoehnelii

The Von Hohnels Chameleon is a hardy species reaching an adult size of 10-17cm. They are found Nairobi, Aberdare Mountains, Mountain Kenya and other parts of Africa.

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What does a Von Hohnel’s Chameleon look like?

The male Von Hohnel’s Chameleon has to be the prettiest looking Chameleon we have owned. Both sexes have a small blunt horn shape lump on the snout, this is larger on males. Large spikes are present on the throat, smaller spikes run along the back to the base of the tail. The colour varies from shades of dull green, green-brown, light to dark grey or yellow. Females tend to stay a green-brown colour, males have patterning like moss on a tree trunk, very blotchy with lots of colour. Dark vertical bands are present with two pale stripes running along the body.

Reaching a maximum size of 16-17cm (6.5 inch), averaging out at 10-14cm (4-5.5 inches), this is a small species. They live together in the wild and are not territorial, therefore a small group housed together will be fine.  Females give birth to a litter size of between 7-18, the young are tiny, measuring 3-4cm (1.5 inch).

Where are Von Hohnel’s Chameleons from?

They can be found in Nairobi, Aberdare Mountains, Mountain Kenya and other parts of Africa. Living in a high savannah grassland within bushes, shrubs, small trees, reed beds and tall grasses.

How do you keep Von Hohnel’s Chameleons?

This is an easy species of Chameleon to own and can be kept together in small groups.

We always recommend either a glass or mesh enclosure for this species to help with air flow. A size of around 45x45x60 would be suitable for one fully grown adult. Provide a mixture of cyprus mulch and orchid bark to help maintain the humidity levels. Branches and artificial plants can be used provide secure climbing areas or go Bio-Active and use live plants (nontoxic plants).

This species does not require a high temperature and will happily live at room temperature with a low basking area. In the wild they can withstand -2C during the cold nights, however, must be able to warm during the day. It is best to provide a low basking area of 22-25C, the bulb should be connected to a dimming thermostat. They require a small amount of UV to help them produce calcium, so provide a 6% UVB strip or compact bulb.

The Von Hohnel’s Chameleon will eat a varied diet of insects, feed them crickets, locusts, wax worms, house flies and the occasional mealworm. The food should be dusted with a calcium and a vitamin supplement, please read instructions for each separate product. Lightly spray the plants in the enclosure in a morning and evening to help with humidity levels, providing a waterfall will help encourage the chameleon to drink along with increasing humidity levels.

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