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Zoo Med Pacman Frog Food

Zoo Med Pacman Frog Food
Meal replacement powder

Specifically formulated as a nutritious diet for pacman and African bullfrogs. An easy to use product and great alternative to more commonly offered insect and rodent diets.

Zoo Med Pacman Frog Food - Jar 57g
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Jar 57g
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What is Zoo Med Pacman Frog Food used for?

This is a meal replacement powder which can formed into a paste type consistency when mixed with water. It can be fed to both adult and juvenile pacman frogs and African bullfrogs. A direct alternative to feeding insects and rodents.

Our thoughts on using Zoo Med Pacman Frog Food

We have been using this product since its release in the UK and in our opinion it’s fantastic. We have noted an obvious increase in growth of any horned frogs we’ve offered it too when compared to insect and rodent reared animals. We’d highly recommend this to anyone who keeps these amphibians.  

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