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Articles published by registered Exotic-Pets.co.uk members and the Exotic-Pets.co.uk Team. We hope you find these articles both helpful and interesting, below are the latest six articles.

Friday, 31st March 2023
April Fools
We got you!

Friday, 24th March 2023
Our Guide to Reptile Safe Edible Plants
The subject of choosing reptile safe plants to feed your reptile can sometimes seem daunting; especially for keepers of herbivores such as tortoises and Uromastyx, and omnivores like Bearded Dragons and Blue Tongued Skinks.

Thursday, 9th April 2020
Your First Invert
Welcome to the amazing world of invert keeping! If you’re looking to keep something a little bit different then you’re in the right place.

Sunday, 14th November 2010
Reptile parasites
Parasites can be a major problem depending on the size of your collection and the type of parasite your exotic pet has, treatments are available, these are easy to apply to the infected animal.

Saturday, 29th August 2009
Homemade pressure filter and set-up for growing on Axolotls
A cheap pressure filter made from a water pump, coffee jar and sponge I use for my Axolotl tubs.

Tuesday, 28th July 2009
General Land Hermit Crab Care Sheet
A general Land Hermit Crab care sheet.